Sunday, July 14, 2013

And Jo In Sung is Back!

Caught between deceit and love, which will you follow?

This is the story of the new drama series entitled THAT WINTER THE WIND BLOWS. I don't have enough leisure time to follow the show that has started though, but as from the initial views that I had, I think it will be a hit as it unfolds more. 

What I like more of the show is the come back of Jo In Sung who I admire first in his sensational role in MEMORIES OF BALI. He physically looks older, but I guess it did nothing with his acting prowess that is better matured here.

Jo In Sung plays the role of a bad boy who wanders a meaningless life and was involved in a dirty game with a gambling lord. As a desperate attempt in order to pay his debts, he was left without an option but to pretend as the long lost brother of a heiress whom he will later fall in love with.

Set during the winter season as the title puts it neatly, I have this feeling that it will be all summer in every nook and cranny as the story goes on that beautiful conflict between deceit and love.

Catch the show on ABSCBN primetime!

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