Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happiness is...

In order to be truly happy, one doesn't need everything in the world. Appreciating simple things around and noticing the positive side of life is what makes life truly happy despite its flaws. This I realize in a typical day of my rigors in school. As a teacher, I find meaning of happiness this way...

Happiness is... the gentle flame that burns
The water in the pot boiling as it turns;

Happiness is... the sprinkling frost on hair
Upon a foggy and chilly air;

Happiness is... the perfect beating
Of national anthem as everyone sing;

Happiness is... the chorus of greeting
That children say in the morning;

Happiness is... helping a kid read a line
And fighting sleep at the same time;

Happiness is... a board work of numbers
But realizing the delight of the learners;

Happiness is... the buzzer when it rings
And the sound of putting away things;

Happiness is... a neat pile of stick brooms 
Before cleaners go to their own homes;
Happiness is... the sweet song of flower
That cold zephyr blows through the hill;

Happiness is... a pair of warm knee socks
Knitted with the soft thread of twilight;

And happiness is... simply coming to terms
With life's odds and burns.

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What about your own happiness, too?

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