Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Grass of Imelda Marcos

When somebody mentions General Santos City, the visual imagery that comes in my mind is that of wide plains of yellow creeping plants. 

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These weeds are locally called "imelda grass" and "yellow creepers". It has small leaves, yellow petals, and spiny nuts. In college, I remember avoiding them on the way to the university for its sharp thorns especially during summer season when they thrive most. 

Ican also be found in some parts of the world, notably in arid and hot places. A legend says that the plant was pegged from Imelda Marcos who bought and thought it would thrive best in the once barren area of General Santos City for its warm climate.

Aside form the tuna, why not make this peculiar golden plant a symbol of the city? I have never seen them in any place around the region.

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