Thursday, May 16, 2013

War Of Our Fathers

One of the few things that piqued my attention during my recent wanderlust at SM City GenSan was the ongoing exhibit of Philippine Veterans Bank at the 2nd floor.

Dubbed as "War of our Fathers", the exhibit shows different artifacts and photographs from the American and Japanese occupations of the country. Looking at the exhibit panels and stands is one of the best ways to walk down the lane of our history and appreciate the sacrifices of the great freedom fighters.

The words that follow below were printed in a banner displayed at the facade of the exhibit. Funny, I typed with might and main all these in my phone since I didn't have a pen or camera when I dropped by.

A Tribute to the Freedom Fighters

When those of us, who lived through those days, die... the world will forget. -James Reuter, S.J.

In darker days, one can easily forget to live. But in the brighter days, one would not easily forget how during the dark times, not everyone forgot to live.

As Filipino guerillas fought for freedom, doctors, nurses and volunteers healed the wounded. As priests, nuns and lay ministers provided refuge, men, women and children from all walks of life struggled to reclaim a nation that fell into darkness.

They are the freedom fighters, the bearers of light, the dreamers and redeemers of the Filipino soul, our fathers who knew how to live and when to die for country and for its people...

And for us, the sons and daughters, and grandchildren of those who suffered and fought valiantly in that infamous war, we, who now live in brighter days, enjoying the freedom they so dearly paid for with life and limb.

Six decades or a lifetime is never enough to forget, and we remember with gratitude and pride... The War of our Fathers.

Just how many of us can look back with thankful hearts to our forefathers who gave us this freedom that we all now enjoy, and some even abuse? It's about time to. 

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