Sunday, May 19, 2013

Go To Inferno!

Five words. I am having second thoughts.

After his international blockbusters, the thriller master Dan Brown is back for another story fusing history, science and literature in his fifth novel entitled INFERNO. 

This latest novel is based on the first of the triumvirate parts of the classic epic Divine Comedy composed by the famous medieval writer Dante Alighieri.

The novel would surely be an educational trip again to museums and galleries with an exciting dash of riddles and intrigues along the way.

However, it seems that most of the online reviews point out that Inferno is pretty much molded from its predecessor novels: hero in distress, a damsel in toe, a chase sequence, a group trying to kill, an international intrigue  - a formula that Dan Brown had used across his past novels, which I have all read.

Alright, enough of spoiling my own fun and yours. I haven't grabbed a copy and I am taking with a grain of salt about buying this expensive book. I think a borrow of this book from my friends would be enough to stop my doubts about it.


  1. The book is good, of course it will be for it is Dan Brown's. But I must say its definitely not his best work. Regardless, the way he can make us think about certain things, here which is Dante's Inferno, is exceptional. His knowledge is clear and in depth and the way he can present facts from certain angles can take us aback.

    Also the thing I absolutely love about him is his awesome portrayal of the female leads of his books. That is something Chetan Bhagat needs to learn bad.

    1. Thank you, Rahul. Of course, Dan Brown will always be Dan Brown. I am inkling to know how Dan Brown called Manila, Philippines as a gate of hell. Having female lead is pretty predictable of Dan Brown's crafting of characters, but I am excited to meet the one here in the latest novel, awesome portrayal, as you said.


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