Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nancy Binay and Irresponsible Sharing

Whether we like it or not, Nancy Binay is winning.

I feel bad last night with people circulating this link around the internet. My blood pressure rose a bit again this morning after listening over the radioIt's the same issue: Philippines being ranked by Times Magazine as the most stupid country after electing Nancy Binay as a senator. I am not a supporter of anyone, but I believe that some people are just so insensitive and irresponsible.

First, to the social site users. I can sense that many of those who seriously shared the link and subsequently made others believe were completely unaware that it is only a satirical and fictional news website where the articles were just written with the intention to poke fun on rather unfavored news. Any critical reader can notice that note on the right side widget of the blog where that article was published. Go, find it.

Second, to the radio commentary host of a certain local station. What annoyed me so much was the host sounding factual in telling the issue without giving any hint to the listeners of the understanding that the information given is just for entertainment because he himself as a commentator in the first place was unaware of it. You claim to defend freedom but you do not stand to assume responsibility.

"It's true," a misled reader shared the article in a social network, affirming the rather fictional title he read regarding Nancy Binay and our country in effect as a fact. The modern adage says: Google before you tweet, which means be sensitive and responsible enough of what you write or say.

And even if we say we all know it is just a satirical and fictional write up, Nancy Binay does not deserve to be bashed like anyone else this way. For the record, I personally did not vote for her and I have a heap of other political dislikes but I never came to the idea of turning into a troll.

Some might say we live in a democratic country, but for the sake of democracy do not throw grenade at your own people and country. If the aim of satire is to inject humor into news to provide respite to the readers, know how to draw the line between entertaining an audience and hurting a person.

Just my two cents. Move on, people.

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