Friday, May 3, 2013

Annoying Epals

I am awakened every morning by these loud campaign jingles and I can see posters of politicians virtually in every nook and cranny around the village. It seems that the politicians are going crazier as the "judgement day" is lurking around.

On the other side of things, I would like to feature another infamous slang in politics - EPAL. According to Jocelyn R. Uy of Philippine Daily Inquirer, the term is a play on the words "mapapel" which is a Filipino slang for a scene stealer, and "kapal" or someone who is thick skinned.

How EPAL these attention seeking politicians can get? Let me count the ways...

Pictures in giveaways like bags and shirts, and even relief good packages, subliminally telling that they personally provide... So epal.

Appearances and suggestive speeches in public events like school graduation and barangay programs now more often than the usual... So epal.

Names affixed in signages to claim credit on government projects and accomplishments that are otherwise bankrolled by taxpayer money... So epal.

Documentary shows televised specifically this period to portray the drama of their biographies and draw the emotions of the public... So epal.

Premature advertisements as early as three months before the campaign period, reminding the public of what they have done for... So epal.

Epal - remember their faces and forget their names.

Unfortunately, there is no law at the present that prohibits these ugly practices, and these epals are just so annoying they offend and hurt my taste!

COMELEC Chairman Sixto Brilliantes advised: “The best way to deal with these epals is to remember their faces now and forget their names come election day.”

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