Sunday, April 28, 2013

Take Your Pick - Trapo or Bimpo

Since election day is just around the corner, two of the popular hashtags trending in some microblogging sites are the "trapo" and the "bimpo".

If we analyze the profile of political candidates running for certain positions in any level, there seem to be a nominal variable, if you want it the statistical way, that divides them between two: the trapo and the bimpo.

Trapo literally means a filthy rag, but it is actually a clipping of the phrase "traditional politician" or those old time candidates who rather look candidates for retirement but still fishing for another chance in the politics.

Trapos are candidates who are experienced enough as they have been in the politics for long. They have learned the ropes of politics so well that they know what stratagem and tactic - usually dirty - to use in every circumstance they might encounter while in the course of courting the voters.

Bimpo explicitly refers to a wet towel, but is actually an acronym of "batang isinubo ng magulang sa politika" which roughly means a child pushed or forced, whether they like it or not, by a politician parent to follow the world of politics. 

Bimpos are trained by their parents who wanted to pass on their helm to them. Sadly, although not all, the bimpos usually serve as puppets of their parents. In other words, there are those bimpos who do not have backbone to make decisions based on their own judgement and tend to side to the ideals of their families.

These candidates trying to win our hearts are equally hungry to take their seats in the government - for good and evil motives - which is why we need a wise evaluation of our vote list come May 13 Election Day.

Our politics is dirty enough. Every wise vote counts.

Who are the trapos and bimpos you know?

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