Friday, April 26, 2013

The Famed MSU Kiosk: Moods and Modes

Last night I tried traveling without moving spatially. This was made possible through the use of Google Maps; thanks to the ever rapid technological revolution that we are having now.

After going to favorite destinations, I went down the memory lane of my alma mater - the great Mindanao State University - General Santos City. I was wandering among its landmarks like the H Building when going a bit further BA Square I saw the famous kiosk that perhaps every MSUan like me know so well.

Yet what surprised me was the name labelled on it. As an MSUan, perhaps I partly understood it. But why KIOSKMOOD CARENDERIA?

Kioskmood Carenderia as viewed from Google Maps satellite.

The said kiosk is operated by an Ilonggo speaking woman who is huge enough to carry all the burdens of the world with her apron. She seems quiet and serious, which must be the reason why she looks like she frets all the busy and not busy times.

Fretting in Ilonggo translates to "kusmod", which could have later started the monicker of the kiosk. Probably the bright and humorous MSUans blended the words "kiosk" and "kusmod", and viola!

But of course, it was never officially named or called Kioskmood Carenderia. It was more like an open secret among the MSUans ourselves. That would have incensed the corpulent owner of the kiosk, and I am sure the plates would have turned into flying saucers.

Our bubbly friend in the group usually cracks jokes at her which we all ride in. Those were the only times I remember her giving out that expensive smile. That would earn special favors on our group like "paaman" or extra viand for free.

The most selling delicacy, not necessarily the best, is the lumpia that is twice bigger than the ordinary lumpia. I don't like it though but it is loaded inside with lots of veggies that MSUans turned it a viand rather than just a snack.

But more than a place where one can find cheap foods, the kiosk has become a symbol of life in the university. Among the tall golden durantas and shady nem trees, the kiosk has virtually seen the different communal things that every MSU student typically do.

It is a place where one can see almost all types of MSU students who meet in different numbers and different causes. There are those individuals who read handouts or books like quiet mice in the corner, those partners who talk in hush about ministry life or romantic matters, or those circles who regularly meet for activist issues or friendship blues.

The Kioskmood Carenderia, as etched in the Google Map, is like a piece of a puzzle. One's college journey in MSU would not be memorable without a stop in this little spot in the university.


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