Sunday, May 5, 2013

Just Give Me A Reason

I've never seen Pink steal a scene until last night when I happened to hear the new chart topper "Just Give Me A Reason". Rather than the usual single perspective song, it features band singer Nate Ruess along with Pink herself.

Many songs play metaphoric lyrics but this one has simple and direct that conveys deep emotions. Holding on when everything else appear to fall apart seems to be the general theme of the song.

The music is appealing and fascinating. For instance, I love the twist in rhythm at the chorus line "and we can learn to love again". It is sensational, and it tells the dash of ardor that the kind of people in the song are feeling.

Compared to the other hit of Pink entitled "Pill" which is the only song I know of her, "Just Give Me A Reason does not have swear word and mean reputation. It is more wholesome and emotional.

However, sometimes I can hear Nate singing in higher notes than Pink. Since it's a love tale shared by a man and a woman, I think it would be better if there should be a distinct voice of each, not a duet that seem homogeneous when they sing together.

Moreover, the music video is well crafted. Emotional separation was best depicted through an allegory where Pink kept tossing alone in bed with a stuffed bear amidst the night, water and fog that served as her world.

As a whole, this song is pleasing. It is living forward to what it wants to convey and enjoying a widespread favor among the listening crowd.

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