Monday, April 8, 2013

My Day of Valor

I must be brave enough at this point to admit that I have a lot fears in my life. I used to consider myself a lame duck with heaps of emotional fixations within me. I always dreaded to step out of my comfort zone and face new challenges of life. There were the times when I just wanted to crawl inside a hole and forever disappear.

But slowly I am realizing that life is a risk and not even the things that scare me should stop me. 

I learned that being brave is knowing that things will change one day and that things ought to change... that being brave is unbelieving fake people and walking away from them... that being brave is landing on my feet and moving again for what I want in life... 

That is, to me, the most remarkable lesson I learned - to keep valor in a heap of fears and pains, uncertainties and apprehensions. 

It has me thinking - maybe it isn't loosely wet duck feathers at all... but tightly woven phoenix feathers, blanched pink in the sun. I feel like dusting off these feathers and charting the skies.


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