Friday, April 5, 2013

Fake People

Fake people don  social mask.
Urban Dictionary defines fake people as persons who are not genuine and will do whatever it takes to make themselves look good. They take part in hypocrisy; they change their personality to fit to a certain group.

Alright, pardon me while I rant a little about fake people but let us face the grim truth of life. Human beings are naturally born performers - actors and actresses in this big stage that Shakespear called world. In a nutshell, people are just fake.

I have a lot of sorting of friends in my life and I have met a few of them who I later realized were wolves in sheep's clothing. They usually don a complete good character to cover up the pessimist, bitter and envious pile of persons they truly are.

Sometimes I wish not to see those masked faces, but the more they are always on my dash. People will always know people, and the worst part is I am always pushed to keep nice to them who are trying to kiss my ass. These are the times when I want to hang their faces in the wall and punch off those fake smiles.

But then I realized lately that treating people despite their being two faced is not being pretentious; it's called manners. I have to grow up to know that manner matters all the time regardless of what kind of person we deal with. Yes, it's like a bitter pill to swallow but that's where the thin line divides between being pretentious and having manners. 

Sometimes that is a hard truth to accept. I have to forgive myself for hating them but I should not forget my lessons. I cannot deny to myself the dislike I have towards fake people in my life but I always remember that I must not step down their low profiles. So, like, smile back to them and silently say: Don't feel nice, you're the biggest moron in life, don't you know?

I am done hanging out with people who came off the factory line of plastics. I know not a lot of friends, both true and fake, who regularly lurk on my blog posts, but I am sorry for those who have to read this. I guess I just need to get it off my chest. 


  1. Would you rather have wolves in wolves clothing?

    The same thing happens when you grow older.

    Accept it, because, like everybody else, you have to.

    Otherwise you'll be left with nothing and nobody.

    Now if you want to be friends with wolves in wolves clothing, come visit me, and I'll show you wolves in wolves clothing.

    1. Hey, Danny! Thanks for dropping by. I would really love to be friends with everyone. Btw, what's a 'wolves in wolves clothing'?


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