Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Me and Abstract Painting - Really?

Alright, here I am trying so hard again. I have no real talent in painting, that I surely know. But I would like to share some 'work of arts' I did three summers ago. In the following images of my work that I posted below, I included captions to justify myself. Yikes.

I can say that arts can sometimes be a matter of luck and destiny. I mean sometimes it's how the combination of paint colors turn out no matter how much artistic effort you draw in it. I jokingly claim that most of my works are abstract - to be safe from an artist's perspective on perfection.

The processes in making them are actually just simple that preschool kids can do it. If you've got nothing to do this summer, you can prepare a rim of your paper canvas for a colorful fun!

Blot painting: Life is meant to be shared.
Fold the paper in half horizontally and then unfold. Begin to dot the paint on the paper. You can do it in drops of different sizes, but remember not to get too much paint if you don't want a too messy work. After dotting the paper, fold the paper back and press with your hands. And lo behold, unfold again! 

Finger painting: Clean the air, wash the water.
Instead of brush, why not fingers? There are no exact rules to finger painting. Choose your color and dip your fingers into a cup of paint. Smear your fingers in any shape, line and direction you desire in the paper canvas. Take time, and presto!

Bubble painting: Love is like circles. It is forever because it is never ending.
Gather empty cases of bubble toys. Fill each case with a water solution of soap and dye of desired color. Blow and pop the bubbles on the different angles of paper canvas. And when popping is done, viola!

Yarn painting:  A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.
Dip a short piece of cut yarn in the paint of desired color. Swirl it around your paper in different sizes and shapes. You can also dribble the yarn randomly with different colors. When desired amount of artistic messiness is enough, eureka!

Marble painting: When love and hate collide.
Fit your paper canvas inside a box, a shoe box or gift box. Dip two to three marbles in each paint color. Scoop out the marbles and drop them inside the box. Shake the box in different sides to have the marbles roll inside. When you're finished, check out your masterpiece!

Convincing enough? I hope you somehow enjoyed. I am thinking of putting them in frames someday - if that is not too ambitious. Laughs.

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