Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Life of Pi

THE LIFE OF PI was a hauntingly metaphoric film, thanks to the help of my friend who explained to me its symbolism while viewing it I didn't struggled that much as a movie civilian. The story was about an Indian boy named Pi who outlived a shipwreck and stranded in an island with a tiger named Richard Parker.

Okay, let us assume the assignment of animals to the actual human characters in the movie. The tiger and Pi were the last two to survive in the same boat - a faithful vegetarian and a notorious carnivore. The tiger was actually the reflection of Pi, demonstrating his inner struggle. He needed the tiger in order to survive but he needed to tame it to keep himself alive.

The carnivorous island represents our defense mechanism to regress in a place inside ourselves where we feel secured from stress and grief. While it is safe in the island of our content, the danger is when we don't risk finding hope in the outside dimensions of life we will soon be eaten by our own stress or drowned by our own grief. 

There are a lot more metaphors in the film that one can interpret differently, depending on his view. If you want an experience full of depths of life, watch this.

The ending might have been heart breaking but I think it is truly of life to say goodbye to family, to friend, to grief, to sorrow.

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