Friday, March 8, 2013

The Art of Waiting

Hell, I don't like to wait! I hate the long queue in the registrar's office during the enrollment. I detest the long line at the counters in the mall. And at my transition from being a student to being a public teacher, my patience was really tested to the longest stretch before I finally found my stable spot under the sun.

I cannot wholly imagine that I actually grew up waiting for almost all things. I had to wait for: the long summer nights that I was alone in my room during vacations with my grandparents in the province; the long dreadful months that I was wondering if I really did my best at the licensure exam; the long dreary period that I was hoping to bounce back after being broke.

Having said all that, I realized that I am being  unfair by getting impatient with waiting - even for just trivial things like downloading audio for a minute or enduring a scheduled brownout! These are but nothing compared to my life experiences that I waited and have been appropriately rewarded. 

I know I must inherently value the virtue of waiting. God is not trying to make me miserable when he makes me wait. But when I learn to wait patiently on God, He does something inside my soul. This is reinforced with my recent milestones both on my career and study. I learned that when I wait I am not only strengthened but also become faithful in His promises.

As I pondered upon this post, I thought of sharing this phone message about people who had to wait before attaining success. Their stories inspired me so truly and lifted me up during the times when I almost want to give up.

"If Howard Schultz gave up after being turned down by banks 242 times, there  would be no Starbucks. If Walt Disney quit too soon after his theme park concepts were trashed 302 times, there would be no Disneyland. If Thomas Edison, after 999 failed attempts, gave up, there would be no electricity."

In the midst of my paper works, graduation preparations and warming weather, I intend to enjoy each moment by waiting. The most awaited summer vacation will just arrive - soon enough.

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