Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I Hate Margaux

Actually, I am not an avid fan of ABSCBN's teleserye "Ina, Anak, Kapatid" and I am surely past those drama days. I just have a nodding view of this drama series because it is also the time when I sit beside the idiot box to do my blogging stuffs.

What occasionally stops me once a while from writing is when Margaux, played by Maja Salvador, starts to act bad, utterly bad especially with her recent comeback, towards Celine, played by Kim Chui. I simply hate the character of Margaux.

I understand how Margaux was crafted to be a literary villain. I know the importance of effective villains in literature and how boring it would be without them. It is their role to be an obstacle that the protagonists will struggle to outlive. 

So, what really makes me incensed about Margaux?

Margaux and Celine.

Well, it seems that her character is not well developed. There must be a very significant cause that ignited her wicked actions. I know that the complication of their friendship all started when it was known that Celine has a crush on Ethan, the boyfriend of Margaux that time. So, what then? The writers must have thought of something more sensible to start the fire burning.

Moreover, the character of Margaux is just way inconsistent. Like, she was molded as a highly sophisticated girl in the beginning of story, and to think it was just a crush! What an unsound reason to make a mountain out of a molehill right away. The friendship of Margaux with Celine was well put in the story but how sudden and erratic the character of Margaux changed for a realistically shallow event.

And speaking of realism, the transition of the character of Margaux from being good to being bad is not also realistic. When it was revealed that Celine was the real daughter of the same rich couple who adopted Margaux, such event seemed just a reinforcer of the previous "my-boyfriend-is-your-crush" issue rather than an effective turning point for Margaux to become into a villain.

As I have said, I am not really a fan of this drama series. Or am I beginning to? And well, I simply don't like the character of Margaux. Or is her character just effective in pissing me off? For sure, I don't want to think I am being too carried away. Or what do you think my dear friends?

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