Monday, February 25, 2013

I Want To Be Archy McNally

I couldn't help but sigh: I want to be Archy McNally...

I want to be rich, witty, and admirable - all at the same life. I desire to live in a world of wealth, lust and suspense. And the lure of fantasy wearing the shoes of Archy McNally never left me then...

My obsession with Archy McNally started back one summer vacation at my granny's home in the province when I was still 11 years old. I came across this novel in the shelf entitled McNally's Secret. It is one of the thirteen best selling novels written by Lawrence Sanders and Vincent Lardo.

Archibald "Archy" McNally was a former law student at the famous Yale University where he was expelled after nakedly rioting in the middle of a political campaign. After that incident he decided to go back home in Palm Beach in Florida where he was given an investigator position in a division of their family law firm.

Archy McNally brings each novel an exciting web to untangle with twisted plots, entertaining characters and superb styles in the themes of greed, suspicion, murder, theft, betrayal and lust.

I have seen how his enemies, opponents, and assassins suffered with his acidic wit and political clout.

I have seen how he used every word of wisdom to defend his principles, may it seem right or wrong for others.

I have seen how he willingly fell in the arms of each temptress that he always alleged to have seduced him. 

I have seen how he admitted to himself that he is a maze of contradictions - soft, loving, blithe, jealous distrustful and vengeful.

I have seen how he intelligently went through each puzzle, risk, luck, gamble, secret, chance, caper, folly and bluff.

Archy McNally is a very well crafted character of a smart and bubbly person. I can't just easily forget his social charm and introspective personality, his sunny temperament and lustful weakness, his acidic intelligence and political clout...

I couldn't help but sigh: I want to be Archy McNally...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Greener Pasture

View from Marbel 5 Central Elementary School,
San Jose, Koronadal City, South Cotabato.

With the image above, I can imagine the beautiful scenery of the cartoon show of my childhood entitled Heide of the Alps minus the herd of grazing sheep and only there is no snowy effect.

But what is really beautiful in this scenery? It should have been a perfect one if it is taken among the idyllic natural grasslands of Mongolia or California. But this is not the case of what is really happening behind.

This is a representation of the grim situation of our forests in the country. Despite their prime importance to people, our forests face a continuing destruction by either wanton motives or misguided policies.

Now we wonder, with a little drop of rain, why we experience floods that wash away thousand lives of innocent people. Perhaps the most unforgettable events that will forever be in our history are the recent cases of Cagayan and Davao.

It is about time to stop the destruction of our forests. More than planting trees, we have to halt conflicting interests like commercial logging and mining because as long as these exist, laws to protect our forests are doomed to fail.

A future of greener pasture, literally and figuratively, lies in our hands - yours and mine.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Emotional Fixations

I recently went for a neurological and psychiatric exam. And hey, don't get me wrong for this. It was not I was referred to the test because I have 'attitude' in work but because it was one of the requirements.

The test was composed of three parts. The first test was the usual objective type mostly employing logic, reasoning and analysis. The second was a personal sentence completion test about experiences, memories and preferences. The third was a series of drawing lines, objects and figures.

At the end of the exam, one of the impressions of the psychologist was that I still cling to emotional fixations at my age. I am amazed rather than surprised to unravel this mystery. After some self evaluations, I realized that I might actually have a lot of share of fixations in life. 

As far as I can recall, in psychoanalysis, fixation can be described as a process by which a person stays attached to a previous stage of his development. In a the parlance of mediocre person, it is an obsession to some objects or experiences or persons in early life.

The psychologist did not indicate specific instances to point out my emotional fixations and I don't know how the psychologist came up with such impression. But looking back at my answers in the test, I found vivid accounts of my emotional fixations although I am in question because I am not a certified psychologist in the first place.

I recalled and observed that most of my personal responses in the synonymous sentence completion items about memories were mostly about childhood nostalgia like liking to scribble anything, enjoying to read books, missing the study times, regretting the unproductive activities, etc. 

At the third part of the test, I was asked on the spot to draw a boy and a girl, to which I illustrated children ready to go to school. They were both neatly wearing school uniforms. They were also both having big smiles in their countenances. My description under the drawing must have confirmed after I wrote something like they enjoy going to school.

With these, must I be obsessed with the old school days when everything seemed just bright and happy? Honestly, I am. In my daily ramblings as an adult, it is inevitable to face mistakes, failures and disappointments. I always look back at my childhood days where I feel better; happy memories remind me to make good and sad regrets inspire me to do better.

Nobody is a superhero and we are doomed to meet failures - a lot of them. We fixate by looking for things inside us that make us feel secured. I believe that it is essential for humans to have emotional fixations in life. As the root of the term denotes, to fix means to set right and place securely.

How about your own fixations?

Friday, February 22, 2013


It's been a while since my last blog entry. This damn busy-ness made the lack of words to post. I have no complaints whatsoever because I love having a full plate once a while. It's just that I think I am missing a lot of my 'blog life' here.

After that weekend of City Athletic Meet where I was baked under the scorching sun, we went to the wake of Edeson's father-in-law. Our first plan was to stay until ten in the evening, but everything twisted when we started talking about ghosts and witches. Shiela was most scared and so were the rest. So, instead of taking the risk of traveling in the middle of the dark night and probably encountering an unknown thing if there is such, we ended up watching movie, playing cards and sleeping in the tent. 

I had just a smell of home the following morning and went out again to prepare my pertinent papers for my employer department, mostly medical. So far my urine analysis, chest xray, blood test, drug test, and neurology exam indicated that I am still enjoying a semblance of normalcy. I brought all these results to my physician for interpretation and certification.

I had a brief but good talk with Dr. Zenaida Sandig who is a close friend of my late grandmother. I can't remember so much of her because the last medical appointment I had with her was back in college. I am amazed to rediscover that aside from her intelligence which is given, she is very soft spoken. She even advised me to have a blood test in the future because type AB+ might be just too 'choosy' for a compatibility blood partner.

As soon as I was able to submit all my papers the next day, I headed to the city which I consider my second home: General Santos City - to apply for graduation. I missed it so much like hell; its smell is so distinct that only my olfactory nerves can explain. I spent lunch in my boarding house. My boardmates, as the usual thing that we do, teased me that I am getting bulgy and dark. I am happy that all my things in the closet are well cared. Thanks to the best landlady in the world, Ate Lily.

The MSU campus was still much the same - its smell, mostly. As the application papers for graduation were in my very hands, I can't still believe I am in the verge of another graduation of my life again. Although I am not really that excited as when I was in college, but I know that it must be the reward for all my struggles. I can't wait for the graduation ball and probably be asked of a speech response as a student. I have a couple of tearful thoughts to share in this academic journey.

Well, I am definitely enjoying my busy-ness. I guess that is better than being tired, exhausted or dead. I don't know but I am just happy as somebody should be. And yeah, I have a little secret, but I am compelled not to disclose it yet. It might be just the real reason why I must be happy.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Segue

Nothing really special to write home nor I am here to vent a post  hearts day drama. I am just peeping to say that I am still kicking after all. What makes me busy as a beaver is our on going City Athletic Meet at Marbel 5 Central Elementary School, which will conclude yet on Sunday.

My task is not directly on sports because I was just assigned to work on documentations, that is to say that, I must juggle under the glaring sun to take camera shots. Sports is really something not my cup of tea eversince, but I must say it is a totally new kind of experience I am learning to love.

Two more days to go!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Black Valentine's Day, Anyone?

Have you heard of a movement to paint the whole town black as a way of dealing the coming love day? I googled about this so-called Black Valentine's Day, but failed to find a good read regarding this queer celebration as a popular culture, hence this attempt.


I had a professor way back in college whose son was reportedly killed with no due justice. As her own way of dealing such loss, she wore all black dress for a year. I wonder now how much her mourning fashion cost her and how her wardrobe looked like.

For most of us, black is the color associated with death. It is usually the symbol for emptiness, absence, negative, pain, end, misfortune, sorrow, and tragedy. White reflects lights and is a presence of all colors, but black absorbs light and is an absence of color.

Many of the expressions in any language associated with black seem to connote negative meanings such as black sheep, black mark, black propaganda, black mood, black heart, black eye, black out, and black market.

Valentine's Day.

I remember my high school days when everybody seemed busy making love letters with drawings of hearts and Cupid as the so called love season approached. I remember giving cards to some distant cousins, childhood classmates, and special friends.

The heart and Cupid are the most common symbol for Valentine's Day. According to this site, the heart may be linked with romantic love because the ancient Greeks believed it was the goal of Eros, known as Cupid to the Romans. Anyone shot in the heart by one of Cupid's arrows would fall hopelessly in love.

Our present Valentine's Day is commonly celebrated through exchanging of letters, chocolates, and flowers. It is a special opportunity to express one's love in a romantic way. The day is more special among couples and lovers who go out for a romantic dinner of two.

Black Valentine's Day?

Death and heart? Sadness and romance? Grief and passion? Emptiness and affection? Tragedy and love? Black and Valentine's Day are opposite words with different meanings. Combined as one phrase, it brings out an antithesis of feelings with a renewed meaning.

There is a growing popular culture, if it is, of Black Valentine's Day mostly among the uncommitted species. In common social networking sites, informal movements like wearing black clothes on the very love day is common. People usually show disdain by posting break up letters, venting their sad stories or sharing links of sentimental songs.

For me, a black Valentine's Day simply means loveless. I will probably just look around, head to the bank, eat outside for a treat, go home a bit late and light a mosquito coil before going to sleep!

Monday, February 11, 2013


I really had a good laugh last night while watching a rewind edition of Gandang Gabi Vice, of which one of the guests was the Thai superstar Mario Maurer. It was part of promotion of the movie that the Thai actor did with Erich Gonzales under Star Cinema and ABSCBN.

The Thai actor was as much fun trying to imitate the perfect utterance of popular Filipino expressionss that Vice Ganda introduced to him. One is the famous 'sabe' which is queerly pronounced by using a falsetto voice with stress on the final syllable.

One more time with more feelings. Mario Maurer uttering
"sabe" in his guesting at GGV. Click the picture to view video.

But how do we really know our colloquial expression 'sabe' as far as its origin is concerned? In the Filipino context, we know that the expression roughly means 'What can you say' or 'What do you think' or 'How do you find it'. It is, however, an informal expression that is used only in conversational speech.

Disclaimer: The informal Filipino expression 'sabe' may have long roots to trace. Although debatable, my own gut and Spanish background tell me that it may have evolved from the Spanish verb 'sabe' which, in conjugated form, means 'to know' or 'to tell' or 'to find out' depending on the context of usage.

Thoughts on this? Sabeeeeee!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Movie Civilian

If I am to describe my 'movie life' it would be that I am a movie civilian - a person of average movie intelligence and under appreciates the art of film.

Honestly, I am not a great lover of movies. Between a book and a cd, I would prefer to have a good read of story. At least in reading I can regress in order to fully digest the situations and I pick up more words for vocabulary. Yet, because I am committing myself to a continuing self improvement as a resolution this year, I decided that I might as well want to catch up with the movie world. 

Although I have a couple of movies I have watched more than once, they are compulsively related to a particular theme or person, for example, the Indian actor and director Aamir Khan. His movies such as Three Idiots, Every Child is Special, Ghajini, and My Name is Khan have themes focusing on the depth of life with a touch of education, which I really love about. 

As a start, I want to watch a line of movies that were inspired from classic books of world literature... another world that has been beyond the range of my ken.

Last month I watched "Odysseus". I did have a good read of Roman and Greek mythologies back when I was still in high school and the movie was such a good refresher. I suddenly remembered mythological expressions such as Achilles' heel as vulnerable spot, a Penelope as a loyal wife, an Odysseus as a long journey, a Cyclopean as something huge... And would I forget where the allusion of our modern expression Trojan Horse came from? The movie was much easy to understand as much as I had a nice reading of it before.

Last week, I watched "The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1997" by the famous Victor Hugo. I have heard the title of the novel and the name of the author before, but I must be so stupid to find out just now that the novel was written by this very author. I happen to weirdly love scenes of medieval life so I like the movie. It is a story of hopeless love and tortured lust - between a beautiful gypsy and a deformed bell ringer, plus a wicked priest. I had confusions at some points but these were certainly about the religious laws and cultural practices that were infused in the story.

I don't want to pressure myself watching at least one movie a week. I am still on the process of learning to love movies without replays or subtitles. Sometimes there are just things that I am too slow for. 

Anyway, I have another classic Victor Hugo movie entitled "Les Mesirables" on queue. Any great movie suggestion for me?

Thursday, February 7, 2013


While sitting in our balcony this afternoon I heard again this distinct sharp call somewhere in the bushes - a sign that my bright feathered friend is just around the corner.

Sunbird feeding on fallen banana blossoms (left) and a larger view of it (right).

Our ornamental banana blossoms beside the garden have been a favorite stopover among the beautiful sunbirds. I regularly see them also hovering among our flowering plants around or perching on the branches of our guava tree which seemingly bears sweet smelling fruits endlessly.

I think the sunbirds is our local version of the famous humming birds in other countries. It is small, has a long curving beak, and can fly swiftly with its short wings in any direction. In most that I have seen, their underparts are bright yellow and their backs are dull brown. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Last night, my usual Facebooking time after the dinner was shortly interrupted when my friend beeped me this sort of word guessing game.

Alzheimer's Test: How fast can you guess these words? Time yourself!
1. F _ _ K   
2. P U _ S _   
3. S _ X   
4. P _ N _ S   
5. B O O _ S   
6. _ _ N D O M

I had a quick time guessing all the items. My fearless takes were the following.
1. FUCK   2. PUSSY   3. SEX   4. PENIS   5. BOOBS   6. CONDOM

And I was laughing to myself as I scrolled down. The actual answers were the following.
1. FORK   2. PULSE   3. SIX   4. PANTS   5. BOOKS   6. RANDOM

In the famous yet controversial psychology theorized by Sigmund Freud, it is believed that humans, from the moment of birth, are sexually oriented creatures who unconsciously possess an instinctual libido or sex energy that goes through different stages of development. What's more interesting though is Freud's another idea that our unconscious drives may sometimes emerge in the slips of tongue, associations of idea, dreams, jokes, and illnesses. 

Whether the test was made to trick or I was just too stupid, I just have this naughty thought in mind. Must my hasty responses relating a rather clean teaser to sexual terms be a manifestation of that unconscious possession of libido?

As the usual thing that I do, I shall post a link of this topic in my different social sites. Let me see how many nosy Freuds will click the title.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

All Star

I entered the code of my favorite song in the videoke machine. After the unfamiliar title appeared in the queue, somebody asked with a doubt: You know this song?

"Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me / I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed / She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb / In the shape of an "L" on her forehead."

As you move from the happy and bright world of childhood, you see how as though as rough the world can be and how as if as cynical the people can be

"Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming / Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running / Didn't make sense not to live for fun / Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb."

It is hell to be torn between what other people expect you to do or what you really want to be in your life. These days so many children are fed to the rules - bundled up against uncertain ambitions that other people, usually parents, want for them.

"So much to do, so much to see / So what's wrong with taking the back streets / You'll never know if you don't go / You'll never shine if you don't glow."

However, it doesn't make sense to focus on all the negative things in the world and stop enjoying life. So don't let the world get you down no matter what. You should not waste opportunities and spend the rest of your life wondering what could have happened. 

"Hey now you're an all star, get your game on, go play / Hey now you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid / And all that glitters is gold / Only shooting stars break the mold."

In other words chase your dreams in life and cheer up because you are made to shine. Like the shooting star, only the people with determination and courage become truly successful in reaching their aspirations. 

"It's a cool place and they say it gets colder / You're bundled up now but wait 'til you get older / But the meteor men beg to differ / Judging by the hole in the satellite picture."

Nothing ever stays the same. The whole world around us is changing every minute. Who knows what the facts and rules and norms of today are gonna be in a few years?

"The ice we skate is getting pretty thin / The water's getting warm so you might as well swim / My world's on fire how about yours / That's the way I like it and I never get bored."

Scientific observations show that the ice bergs up the pole are slowly melting which cause the rise of water levels around the world. But what the hell, we must enjoy life while we can by doing things that we really want to before it's the end of everything.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fabulous February

It was as though time flew so slow for January and it was rather a long wet month to bear. But alas, it is time to turn a new leaf as February is in the air. Call me dorky but aside from the love, love, love of which this month is widely known in the world, this month must also be a great cultural and  historical experience, well, for me at least!

As I have told you in this previous post here, I have been recently enjoying the presence of different homing and visiting birds in our garden. This month is incidentally the National Bird Feeding Month among U.S. based bird hobbyists. As my own way of promoting it, I had the word to make a 'bird' label for this blog and regularly write about my bird watching hobby at home. This year's theme is "Bringing Song and Color to Your Backyard".

Let us cut ourselves some slack from the issue like legalization of divorce in our country as this month is also being observed as World Marriage Day. The purpose of this celebration is to honor husband and wife as the foundation of the family, the basic unit of the society. You say it does not directly apply to me since I am single but I would like to take this opportunity to greet my Mom and Dad for being one of those couples who have kept their vows and pledged their devotion midst family challenges of the modern time.

It is should be noted also that almost a year ago, we went through major curriculum changes in education, of which one is the shift towards the teaching of mother tongue in the lower grades level all over the country. The observance of International Mother Language Day come 21st of the month should be a timely event especially to all our educators who are teaching mother tongue as a subject in the field. The said celebration has always banked on its aim to create awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity around over the world

And lastly, this  coming 25th of the month is a significant day in our history for we remember the sacrifices of our countrymen who fought to restore our freedom exactly 27 years ago in the streets of EDSA . Dubbed as "the revolution that surprised the world", it is our grand testament that hands are mightier than guns. As a proof of its powerful influence, the famous "laban" hand sign has become a world icon adopted in revolutions in other countries. I think that we have a good reminder to rekindle that spirit of sharing, caring and giving.

So, there you go, people! I hope we will all have a fabulous February! And anyways, a happy Valentine's Day most of all!