Monday, February 25, 2013

I Want To Be Archy McNally

I couldn't help but sigh: I want to be Archy McNally...

I want to be rich, witty, and admirable - all at the same life. I desire to live in a world of wealth, lust and suspense. And the lure of fantasy wearing the shoes of Archy McNally never left me then...

My obsession with Archy McNally started back one summer vacation at my granny's home in the province when I was still 11 years old. I came across this novel in the shelf entitled McNally's Secret. It is one of the thirteen best selling novels written by Lawrence Sanders and Vincent Lardo.

Archibald "Archy" McNally was a former law student at the famous Yale University where he was expelled after nakedly rioting in the middle of a political campaign. After that incident he decided to go back home in Palm Beach in Florida where he was given an investigator position in a division of their family law firm.

Archy McNally brings each novel an exciting web to untangle with twisted plots, entertaining characters and superb styles in the themes of greed, suspicion, murder, theft, betrayal and lust.

I have seen how his enemies, opponents, and assassins suffered with his acidic wit and political clout.

I have seen how he used every word of wisdom to defend his principles, may it seem right or wrong for others.

I have seen how he willingly fell in the arms of each temptress that he always alleged to have seduced him. 

I have seen how he admitted to himself that he is a maze of contradictions - soft, loving, blithe, jealous distrustful and vengeful.

I have seen how he intelligently went through each puzzle, risk, luck, gamble, secret, chance, caper, folly and bluff.

Archy McNally is a very well crafted character of a smart and bubbly person. I can't just easily forget his social charm and introspective personality, his sunny temperament and lustful weakness, his acidic intelligence and political clout...

I couldn't help but sigh: I want to be Archy McNally...


  1. I LOVE the Archy McNally mysteries! They are just great fun. I'm glad you like them too. I need to start acquiring copies. Off to the used bookstore I go...

  2. Agreed. I love the vocabulary in these.


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