Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Last night, my usual Facebooking time after the dinner was shortly interrupted when my friend beeped me this sort of word guessing game.

Alzheimer's Test: How fast can you guess these words? Time yourself!
1. F _ _ K   
2. P U _ S _   
3. S _ X   
4. P _ N _ S   
5. B O O _ S   
6. _ _ N D O M

I had a quick time guessing all the items. My fearless takes were the following.
1. FUCK   2. PUSSY   3. SEX   4. PENIS   5. BOOBS   6. CONDOM

And I was laughing to myself as I scrolled down. The actual answers were the following.
1. FORK   2. PULSE   3. SIX   4. PANTS   5. BOOKS   6. RANDOM

In the famous yet controversial psychology theorized by Sigmund Freud, it is believed that humans, from the moment of birth, are sexually oriented creatures who unconsciously possess an instinctual libido or sex energy that goes through different stages of development. What's more interesting though is Freud's another idea that our unconscious drives may sometimes emerge in the slips of tongue, associations of idea, dreams, jokes, and illnesses. 

Whether the test was made to trick or I was just too stupid, I just have this naughty thought in mind. Must my hasty responses relating a rather clean teaser to sexual terms be a manifestation of that unconscious possession of libido?

As the usual thing that I do, I shall post a link of this topic in my different social sites. Let me see how many nosy Freuds will click the title.

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