Monday, December 24, 2012

And That End Did Not Come Again

The end of the world did not come again. But, what if it was for real? Which leads me to ponder on how much TIME we waste everyday either by sheer unwillingness to make things happen or by simple ignorance to make the best of each moment in our lives.

Sometimes we fail to demonstrate little acts of care to our loved ones simply because we believe that there would still be some other times to show it.

Sometimes we neglect to reconnect with our missing friends for we know we have so little time of our lives for them.

Sometimes we ignore to let go of sad memories not minding how much time we are wasting dwelling on the past while the world continues to spin though.

Sometimes we refuse to forgive other people who hurt us because we insist that there would be no damn time in our life for people like them.

Sometimes we procastinate doing simple tasks of living until time rushes and we complain being pushed to make it.

Sometimes we spend most of our days dreaming, oblivious that time has started for us to do the first step to make it happen.

Sometimes we ignore people who reach us out, realizing later that it was their last time in this world.

Sometimes we speak words unwisely, not knowing that we cannot take the time back to unspeak them.

And the end of the world did not come again. But, again, what if it was for real? May we have indeed the courage to seize every chance and the willingness  to enjoy every moment that we are given - from this time on.

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