Thursday, December 27, 2012

Flowers and Good Wishes for 2013

Days from now, it's gonna be an another brand new year. As in a party, I would like to kiss adieu to this year in advance - with a bouquet of flowers freshly picked from the garden.

Blue periwinkle for an unchanging friendship to my classmates since I began schooling, to my companions in the former city, to my friends miles around the globe, to my relatives near to my heartstrings. Always constant.

Tulip for a declaration of passion with my new set of bubbly colleagues in the whole new environment where I continue to cultivate my profession. Learning from all of you, folks.

Mayflower for a warm welcome to a circle of professional teachers I met this year in the education circuit. Counting more exciting years to work with.

Marigold for pain and grief to the tearful hearts of my bereaved relatives whose loved ones passed away this year. Unwavering smiles that will last.

Daisy for a final farewell to a very complicated world, in which I am feeling relieved now because I am finally out of its untangling cobwebs. Happily moving on.

Lavender for mistrust to specific people who treated me with undue thoughts and unworthy feelings. Less talk, less mistake.

Fern for fascination to generous people who extended their hands in various ways, especially during the completion of my thesis. Endless kudos for your kindness.

Pink carnation for unconditional love to my dearest parents who showered upon me the same kind of love all through out my roller coaster ride this year. So lucky in life.

Surely, the undesirable ones had been cut down the soil of grey past as there is no good reason on keeping them still. And as for the awesome ones: a shovel of laughter, a pail of love and a barrel of life for the new year to come!

I am definitely blooming where the Gardener rightfully planted me. :-)

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