Thursday, December 13, 2012

Memories with Tita Glenmar

This crazy photograph was taken in my granny's house one summer vacation in the 90's, with special mention to the vintage radio and television in the background as an added effect to that. The girl with me is Glenmar, a first cousin of my mother, which logically and technically makes Glenmar my tita - a title of respect that drives her nuts. Laughs.

And if the gloomy saying is true that a picture can speak a thousand words, it would be impossible to miss  the obvious description for this picture: vintage, whether the objects or the people, whichever you see first. 

I am particularly amused about our crowning glories. I wore that bangs hairdo until it turned wavy during my late elementary days. And look at Tita Glenmar's curly tops - if that is not a chicken nest. It has evolved now into straight wires after many rebonds, I am sure. Lol.

And heavens, notice our each pair of slippers. Who is the one who should teach the other regarding the proper way of wearing it - the aunt or the nephew? Ha. Ha. Ha. And who the hell looked better in this battle of vintage costumes - the tucked fashion or the jumper attire? Ha. Ha. Ha.

I must admit though that I used to be a cry baby way back while Tita Glenmar was a super witch since then. We used to play in the house, and I remember running to my parents and holding back my tears after raging wars with her. When my parents would recall it in the family now, we can't help but laugh at the story behind this picture. 

Looking at this remembrance now, it is just damn irony to realize that long years after it was taken in my granny's house one summer vacation in the 90's, among the vintage radio and television, it is still such a sweet memory to reminisce though. And hey, I mean it.

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