Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vampire Confession

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an important confession to make. For the many years of my existence in this often cruel world, I have always pinned and longed for my stolen humanity. I like to sit in the darkness and mope all by myself. Yes, I am a vampire.

But no, don't dread me at all. I am a vampire in a deeper internalized essence. I empathize to saddest experiences. I express thoughts in creative means. I definitely long for serenity.

I like to pass time listening to melodramatic lyrics of intensely emotional songs. While I have become a fan of these popular songs to suit with the modern day, I am also an admirer of touching classic renditions that tackle about wrecked love, lost friendship, broken dreams, obscure life. This way, I understand other people's sorrows aside from my own, and become more emphatic to them, and even grateful for my own.

I enjoy writing stories and poems to convey my ideas and feelings. Ever since I was a child, I knew I have an innate passion in playing words with pen and a piece of paper. This does not only please my desire to release my thoughts  but also satisfy my need to share my life story with the rest of the world. I am no immortal by flesh, but by thoughts. I believe that I will live in eternity as long as there will be people who will read my printed manifestation.

No. I tend to avoid crowds not due to absolute overflow of pranic energy, but because I am naturally just a serene creature. I agree on being a social bloke, but I also need solitude once in a while. Sometimes, if not oftentimes, decisions must be brooded alone. There are things in life that are best weighed in tranquil moments, not in confessing to companions nor in partying with club animals.

I am a vampire in liberal essence. I adore creative thought, emotional processing, and noble desire. My object is not stagnation but dynamism. I want to be sympathetic to others and intimate in relationship with them. My goal is not domination but respect.

If you are one, tell me. I thirst for your thoughts and hunger for your stories. Let's howl life together come full moon. No need to watch out your neck. Mine are only false fangs.

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