Sunday, November 4, 2012

November Wind

Playing like a real archaeologist and digging chest of old dusty papers, I uncovered, well, this piece of poem which I wrote five years back when I was still in college. At first I hesitated posting it here after reading because as you see, the month has been so firey. But, alas, the right time has come; the rain has dropped and a cool wind after! So, please excuse my drama - again. Yay!

You were there those solitary times
Hugged me in your most tender arms
Beyond the dimmest light of hope
You were there to help me cope...

And I know you are right here
When the lilies move, fir trees sway
Without a wistful call for love and care
You are here to give an answer...

Just as you merge across the bay
With the red-winged robin's longing echo
In the absence of profound consolation
You were there to lend affection...

Now, your touch feels different
Yet I just love it you are here
Come on, November Wind, dance with me
Your cool cadences before you flee....

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