Saturday, October 20, 2012

Concert King

Do I sound like a real concert king enough to be invited to sit as an honorable judge for a contest of most amazing vocal chords?

Alright, I am a no good singer, but I love to hear music, and maybe recite, if that's how it applies to me. I must admit that my singing really sounds horrendously bad as if a rooster is literally scratching a blackboard. Yet, though I habitually sing off the key, I realized that there's more to singing than just hitting the right note.

First, regardless if I was blessed to have a golden voice or not, singing is an expression of my emotions. Depending on the swing of my mood, I have bastardized almost every kind of song in the name of expressing my feelings. When I am plotting a vengeful desire, I scream Gives You Hell. When I am poignant next moment, I croon Stitches and Burns. When somebody breaks me, I burst into Fixing A Broken Heart. But right now, I feel awesome so I am belting out All Star! Yay!

Second, singing is a way of keeping memories. There are times when I walk in the street and hear a particular song that suddenly strikes a chord in me. Everytime I chance upon This Love in my playlist, I remember vividly the long, windy trip, riding in the van with my fellow high school peer educators. When the song Moment of Truth is played over the radio, the scene of my junior year in the house with my board mates comes into my  mind. If I hear What Matters Most, I miss my granny and her face conjures up my mind. 

Third, singing is my form of therapy. I occasionally suffer from stress and burnout. Sometimes, I keep tossing on my bed at night, my mind unable to sleep although I am physically so tired. Playing classic songs such as that of Air Supply and The Carpenters lulls me eventually to the dreamland. When ruminating about decisions to make, I usually hum with symphonies of Beethoven and Strauss which has, for me, clearing effects to my rather flustered thinking. Singing indeed regains my senses to a humanly normal semblance.

So, back to the question above, I have no doubts that I am one singing royalty - in my own room - at least. Singing is an expression of one's uniqueness. I am a flawed creature with no golden voice and in that case that's what gives me my uniqueness. If I sound all the same with every person in this world perfectly hitting all notes all of the time, then I and you, may as well just shut up forever.

So, holding the handle of the dipper in the bathroom which is my theater stage, give it up for no less than myself - the concert king!

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