Friday, October 19, 2012

Semester Break?

It's time to relax from reading syllables and counting bananas. The last exams were over and a mass exodus was heard among the pupils as they went out the portals of the school today - a telltale sign that the most anticipated semester break has finally began!

Or hey, is there semester break, really?

I don't think I will have a real vacation from work just yet. Well, being a teacher is synonymous to being dead as a doornail. I still have to toss into the air and catch different responsibilities of work. Which means all these "different responsibilities" will eat up my supposed to be hiatus period.

On Monday and Tuesday, I am going to attend a seminar. I will just have to steal moments between the official hours of the activity in order to do my bank transactions. On Wednesday, I am going to consolidate the solicitation letters. Amidst this sideline business, I will have to think in advance of my needs and pack my stuffs for the next task. And on Thursday, it will be time to travel for scouting jamborette. I will have to spend an unimaginable life for the next five days in an unimaginable place of tents.

Which all reduce my relaxation time to five days.

Alright, I think I will still have to apologize and thank instead. I've got to enjoy the remaining five days still - that is, please heavens, if there will be no more announcements of activities soon. Five days is still five days of sleeping like a log and eating like a horse.

So, going back to my French, maybe five days is just enough not to read syllables and count bananas. Even if I damn wished of a break for two weeks, I think I can manage five days. Anyway, I don't have a choice, do I?

Happy semester break everyone!

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