Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Zillion Thanks

To the wonderful pieces of a puzzle -
The children with autism.

This work is dedicated for all of you.

Someone once said: “Easy is the task that is shared by many.” While this study never became an easy task, its crafting surely was an awesome journey for the researcher because of the people who shared their lives with him in completing this.

Prof. Alicia P. Pulido, his thesis adviser, whose guidance, support, encouragement and knowledge helped so much in the realization of this research endeavor;

Dr. Ma. Lourdes D. Galla, Chairman of the Panel of Examiners, for her valuable explanations and suggestions, especially in the statistical aspect of this study;

Dr. Lito S. Adanza and Dr. Domingo M. Non, Members of the Panel of Examiners for their perceptive observations and recommendations for the enhancement of the manuscript;

Flordeline Precious D. Lao, Linaver M. Cane, Dinah Jean A. Tacogue, and Lolymar J. Reyes for validating the instrument of this study and sharing their fields of expertise;

The respective principals and coordinators of the elementary, secondary and integrated schools that offer special education program where this study was conducted for granting permission;

The SpEd teachers, who amiably opened their doors and willingly served as respondents, for furnishing the needed data upon which this study basically relied on;

Joane Cher Yturalde, Fortunato Bacus, Junellen Panesa, Wennie Clarete, Cherish Marie Palma, Ritchie Barte, Paula Lozano, Luna Griengo, Rose Molarto, Lovella Magno, Elvira Pedregosa and Bella Dadula for promptly responding to the queries and requests of the researcher during the period of data gathering;

His new found friends in special education, Nanette Leal, Marilyn Pama, Genie Sunga and Nanet Rodel for their kind cooperation;

Ana Frella Eusalan, Jesus Managa, and Clotilde Aninon for tremendously attending to his research needs during the final process of his graduate school journey;

The welcoming and accommodating family of Harold Alagao and Lily Alagao for providing the researcher a second home to stay;

His remarkable amigos since college days Nathaniel Bangoc, Janice Bartolaba and Jenalyn Cagas, who have extended their helping hands for this study;

His co-teachers in Sabino Elementary School for their immense understanding and consideration during the most demanding circumstances;

All the rest of his professional classmates for contributing something for his growth as an educator and making his graduate school experience worth enjoying;

His gracious and wonderful Lola Pinky for being one of channels of blessings in his life in countless ways;

His much beloved family - Daddy, Mommy, Neneng, Tatang and Davy - for being his source of inspiration, pillar of strength and reason of living; and

Above all, the Divine God for the superb wisdom, strength, guidance, grace and love bestowed upon him and his family.

And as the researcher’s favorite novelist Mary Clark Higgins always reminded the readers of a credo written by an ancient monk on the wall: “The book is finished; Let the writer play.”



  1. Thanks Michael and you are always welcome my friend...

  2. Jen, I found you here! Missed you. :)

  3. Thanks for the invitation mico, reading your articles is a blessing.u r an inspiration..looking forward for a braver, tougher,victorious and down to earth real teacher.nope! a master teacher. soon!
    God bless..

  4. Thanks Ate Eds. You're always a fan. :-)

  5. Hi! You wrote at my blog that you want contact page, because you have suggestions for my blog. This is my email

  6. Hi, Santana! I visited your blog and I could not find anything from me, and I could not remember I did one. Maybe it was a spam? Anyway, thank you for taking time.

  7. Mike! Congratulations! I'm so proud of you. :) You are always welcome. Had I stayed in OT longer I could have helped you more. Haha

    - Flordeline Lao


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