Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Law of Chaos and Order

I am usually the type of bloke who can juggle things between work and study. Within our clique of graduate students, I am usually the tough heart who can endure pressure and loneliness typically experienced. So, when somebody in the group commented that I seemed to be behaving uncharacteristically withdrawn lately, I was hit big time. 

I must admit that, after trying to be strong for quite some time, I am slowly being consumed by some chaos inside that I cannot pinpoint. I wonder if I am guilty telling a friend about a sensitive secret, stressed by my organizational responsibilities, worried about the heavy courses I will take next semester, or just missing my family and friends back home.

Whatever causes this inner chaos, I am consoling my self with this law of nature: Chaos leads to order. If things are in chaos right now, then order is yet to come.

What do you see? Puddles or flowers?
Okay, maybe I just needed to take time noticing the flowers around.

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