Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Goodbye, Turbulent Twenties! Hello, Tumultuous Thirties!

I am celebrating my birthday today for two more special reasons:

For one, it's time to kiss goodbye to the twenties, the so called turbulent period of life. As I look back, I can't help but smile in contentment with what has been my journey for the past ten years. It should be very significant for many events. 

It was when I graduated in college and passed the LET - all with flying colors! I immediately got my first teaching work and went to pursue graduate studies. I further went to serve public school, and finally MSU, my ultimate goal.

Of course, it is not without bitter experiences. As I went between the transition periods of my career exploration, I experienced pressures socially, emotionally and mentally. It was when I thought my credentials were useless and I was left behind by my peers in many personal and professional aspects.

The twenties was also the time when I had my first taste of a romantic relationship. I also became "Tito Mike" to my pretty nieces! I started finding my niche in the field of education as a curriculum enthusiast and a budding researcher.

But it was also the stage when life tore my heart into smithereens. So, I experienced the first cut, a real break up. My parents had to separate for good. I had to balance work commitments and bigger roles for a maturing person.

With that rollercoaster experience, destiny plucked me from the comforts of home and sent me away to UP where now I am serenely growing up... in the tested standards of this premier institution... in the balancing struggle between theory and practice... in the sacrifice of personal love for a greater passion.

For another reason to that effect, I am also entering today to a new chapter of my life - the tumultuous period of thirties! I don't know what life holds ahead for my future but two things are I am sure for my self: I trust for the best and I just want to savor things as they come...

My birthday wishes - for every one.

Thank you for your delightful wishes and great trust!

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