Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Getting Older - and Wiser - in a Smaller World

They say that as you get older, you prefer to keep a few friends and live a low key presence. Oh well, if that is the case, I must be getting older lately. 
But I am actually still young and a foolish on my own.
If you are my friend who used to know my personal daily ramblings in the social media in the late years, you probably wonder why I ever had to publicly known deleting strangers in my social media account or not replying to your message. Your coming to this hidden space should answer some of your musings, but which I doubt not even actually one or two of you would know since there are no regular lurkers in this blog. 

Many times there came some point in my life when I just want to cut myself a slack from all these things in the social world. I do not know if this feeling is just mine but whenever I read trivialities, stresses and disappointments in the social media, I feel so trivial, stressed and disappointed, too. Apparently negative vibes attract negative reactions, and I cannot afford to mind these things around at this time. I want to have undivided attention pinned instead on worthy and essential things. 

Sometimes also I imagine making myself scarce to the prying eyes of the public for the whole year like nobody would know how my school semester ended or where in the world am I spending my holidays. I need some silence about myself. I want to keep away from the buzz of social circuit. I desire a serene escape that people would likely wonder that I am alone and away until they will be used to my unseen existence like nothing. And they, too, would go on with their respective businesses of living. 

I may sound like cutting ties, burning bridges, or shooing away people - whatever you call that. Well, I am not. This is just my own way of keeping a smaller world that is manageable, which in the process should put people in the right corners. Well, that includes filtering messages, unfollowing some people, and deactivating other social media accounts. As my rule in keeping a house simply reminds: Keep things - and people - in proper places. 

A small world should be big enough for a man who is getting older - and I hope to say - a man who is getting wiser.

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