Sunday, February 25, 2018

A Story of Puddles and Rainbows

I CAN MOVE ON... I still remember those famous last words in the final good bye I told you. A puddle of tears welled in my eyes because I knew that time that my once happy world would never be the same again.

But still I remember the days when we first exchanged words and smiled at each other. I remember when we ate together and watched movie together. I remember your surprises. I remember when we held hands as we walked down that empty road on a sunset. I remember the late evenings we talked over the phone about sweet nothings.

But not all people stay, not all stories end happily ever after. That day when we parted ways, I walked away and kissed the first man I bumped into. Okay, lying aside, I actually slept with the memory of you and woke up with the memory of you. I went to the park and looked for you. No, it was actually you that I saw in all their faces. I drank much, talked much, and laughed much. And when I got home, I cried rivers.

But one day I woke up without the memories of you. I retrieved one but it looked as delicate as the soft edges of an old photograph. I still saw your face and your smile, but they did not cut my heart the way they did then. I looked at the mirror, took a flight of stairs, and I passed by the places we went together, but they did not make my heart break again. After all, they were just places.

But here I am writing about you once more. But instead of writing a perfect metaphor about your eyes or an abstract attribution about how your love used to hold my heart, I am writing this piece to deliver eulogy to a memory that is very soon to be placed in its proper place... away where it will not hurt anymore... to the catacombs of the past.

I CAN MOVE ON... I still remember those famous last words in the final good bye I told you. A puddle of tears welled in my eyes, but this time I know, as the saying goes, there is a rainbow always after the rain.

A beautiful promise. I captured this rainbow two years ago.

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