Sunday, December 15, 2013

Untangled Shoelaces

People we meet in our lifetime is like a myriad of untangled shoelaces. Each has different lengths and colors. While some I get along, others I clash against. They are the people whom I consider difficult to deal. But through the times, I have learned how to actually tangle the shoelaces that we are.

I realized that difficult people are everywhere and I cannot change them no matter how I must try as they are not born to fit into my own mold and taste. It is until then when I began to look into the other side of life: change my reaction and perception about them.

When I feel being intentionally attacked, I have learned to step back and analyze things from which I am involved with. Just like a window, by taking a glimpse of things which I cannot see from my point of view, I become more aware of my limitations.

And it may be really the hardest part to do but I have also known to treat difficult people nicely despite everything. I believe it is not pretending as I can distinguish that thin line that divides it from maturity. As the old saying goes: It doesn't hurt to be kind at all.

I rub shoulders with many people of different walks of life everyday. I may not find them good at all, but I am glad to know that I can still show them the better side of things. I believe that life is a game and it is in my hands how I tangle these shoelaces.

So, God help me.

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