Friday, December 20, 2013

Sad Taylor Swift Songs this Christmas

Very few songs of this modern era of our music world really never fade in my ears. I think it does not only have something in effect to their awesome background, but more to their meaningful themes.

BACK TO DECEMBER and CHRISTMASES WHEN YOU WERE MINE, both composed and performed by Taylor Swift, are real creative pieces, given their melancholic themes in a supposed to be merry season.

Back to December is a beautiful detour from the usual songs of Taylor Swift that oftentimes talk about vengeance. It is a lonely story of a person humbly asking for forgiveness for separating with a former lover.

This song is melodramatically touching, especially when you feel alone and just mooning about nothing when you must be enjoying this supposed to be happy time. Some things in life really turn to awry in a snap and many times learning a lesson is too late.

On the other hand, Christmases When You Were Mine is another melancholic Christmas song. Almost everyone, fresh and seasoned ones, can relate so much to this nostalgic song of missing someone special, which turns the season colder even.

It is definitely a throwback to one season we had in our lives when we ought to be happy but we couldn't just afford. Through this song, others might also reflect in pensive how different this merry season would be without their loved ones.

Oh well, I know this shouldn't be lonely time and I don't intend to make it lonely either. I love these sad Christmas songs ever though I am not sad at all. Just slipping into the other side of the world for a light change this season, I say. 

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