Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Lips of Napoles and Eye of Yolanda

NAPOLES and YOLANDA are two names that will forever be etched in the catacomb of our minds , if not in the pages of history books of this nation.

The official mugshot. Photo credit:
Janeth Lim Napoles, a businesswoman, became a national sensation after being pointed out as the mastermind of the alleged pork barrel brouhaha involving five other senators in a financial fiasco.

She faced the senate yesterday where she was stewed in juice of queries, cajoled to divulge the truth, and interrogated to drop bomb by naming the people believed to be behind the pork barrel scandal. 

But all the efforts of the senate fell flat as the matron played her game with all her nicely put denials against accusations, well crafted tendencies to forget details and invoking her right against self incrimination again. After all, it was her show.

It is a good move that we are slowly tracking this bandwagon of people with negative motives over the common good, so that this malpractice can be nipped in the bud before it becomes an unspoken norm in the world of politics.

But in the end, we only got more delusion than justice. I agree with the sentiments of the common people. A person like Napoles betraying her country by lying under oath and insulting its people in the process deserves to be thrown behind the bars forever. That would be fair for a gross transgression of justice to our nation.

And as frustrating as that senate proceeding, we are also disheartened by the super typhoon locally named as Yolanda whipping and devastating the provinces in central part of our country at the moment.

According to, a super typhoon is a classification given to a very strong storm that can be paralleled to five hurricanes by severity. It means that its wind can reach up to sixty five miles per hour.

I am personally desolated to witness the destruction made by Yolanda, washing away not only trees and homes but also lives of many innocent people. My heart goes out for all the victims of typhoon and my fervent prayer is for them to recover very soon.

There's a rainbow always after the storm. Photo credit:

But sadder even is amidst this test of resiliency where our government units and good samaritans extend their hands to our depressed countrymen, there have been reports of lawlessness with people taking advantage by pillaging commercial establishments.

This case of Yolanda brings the bright and dark of the affected people as much as that case of Napoles shows the good and bad of this sad, sad country.

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