Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nipped In The Bud

Semester break will be around in a few days but it has definitely been a busy week and I expect a restless period all through the next week.

I am for psyching up myself for the upcoming local elections. I am designated as a poll clerk, to which I am aware is one of the most busy members of the board. I am still learning the ropes and hoping it would all go fine.

I am also into heaps of paper works like the MPS analysis of our recently concluded second quarter examinations. Trust my disposition when it comes to numbers.

At the same time I am consolidating the results of Early Grades Reading Assessment which was required to be conducted out of the bolt, so I panicked looking for forms.

I also have a topic for discussion in our in service training. Specifically, I will be delving into the areas of decoding skills as an important foundation of reading.

I really thought this semester break would be a welcome relief from all the pressure of living, but as a flower not to bloom, I am nipped in the bud. Sigh.

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