Thursday, October 31, 2013

Vampire Confession 2.0

From the album of old covers and lost pages: 

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an important confession to make. For the many years of my existence in this often cruel world, I have always pinned and longed for my stolen humanity. I like to sit in the darkness and mope all by myself. Yes, I am a vampire.

But no, don't dread me at all. I am a vampire in a deeper essence. I empathize to saddest experiences. I express thoughts in creative means. I definitely long for serenity.

I like to pass time listening to melodramatic lyrics of intensely emotional songs. While I have become a fan of these popular songs to suit with the modern day, I am also an admirer of touching classic renditions that tackle about wrecked love, lost friendship, broken dreams, obscured life. This way, I understand other people's sorrows aside from my own, and become more emphatic to them, and even grateful for my own.

I enjoy writing stories and poems to convey my ideas and feelings. Ever since I was a child, I knew I have an innate passion in playing words with pen and a piece of paper. This does not only please my desire to release my thoughts  but also satisfy my need to share my life story with the rest of the world. I am no immortal by flesh, but by thoughts. I believe that I will live in eternity as long as there will be people who will read my printed manifestation.

No. I tend to avoid crowds not due to absolute overflow of pranic energy, but because I am naturally just a serene creature. I agree on being a social bloke, but I also need solitude once in a while. Sometimes, if not oftentimes, decisions must be brooded alone. There are things in life that are best weighed in tranquil moments, not in confessing to companions nor in partying with club animals.

I am a vampire in a liberal essence. I adore creative thought, emotional processing, and noble desire. My object is not stagnation but dynamism. I want to be sympathetic to others and intimate in relationship with them. My goal is not domination but respect.

If you are one, tell me. I thirst for your thoughts and hunger for your stories. Let's howl life together come full moon. No need to watch out your neck. Mine are just false fangs.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Good Luck

I have been blogging for over a year now and I always tried to update my page - not an easy rambling but certainly worthwile. And while some of my posts turned out to be just flop, some went out well by sheer good luck.

"For a long time now I have tried simply to write the best that I can. Sometimes I have good luck and I write better than I can."

-Ernest Hemingway

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weighing Scale Alert

Actually, I am torn between gaining weight and losing weight as though I am a two different persons at the same time. I want the enough flesh of my body proportion I have now but I also believe in the timely advice of Santa Claus: Don't look bigger than your refrigerator!

This picture is not mine. Credits to

Just last month I checked my weight and confirmed my suspicions of increasing fat deposits. I was alarmed I reached that shining emerald number for the first time in my life - and that is despite the fact of meal skips. I don't look fat as my friends commented and a little inflated body suits me just fine.

But I guess it's a matter of placing gained weight in the right corners of my body. I noticed that when I gain weight, the part of my body that usually bulges is my tummy. My arms seem all the same slender, which gives them "illusion" that I am skinny until I fit my shirt and they see my tummy screaming.

As a weight measure, I avoid too much on my plate during these recent parties, treats and fiestas. Though the tempt of mouth watering food is just too strong for my taste buds to resist I am managing to taste a little of everything just to satisfy my craving.

When in school, I also fetch my own water down the knoll not only for the sole purpose of personal consumption but to burn these screaming fats inside me. I find it hard to perform the sit up every morning. Must be the result of weight gain?

And for the meantime, I am just enjoying the stress brought by the travels, works, and oh I should not be saying this as something I am enjoying but - sickness.

Alright, enough said and time to eat freshly picked guavas. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

NaOCL - Not an Ordinary Chlorine Liquid

One of my Friday missions which happened today was to research about how to make our drinking water more potable after there had an incident of typhoid and amoebasis in the locality of our school.

And so I went to Koronadal City Health Office to inquire about our water status. I met the water inspector who incidentally had a first hand experience of our water in the school some time when she visited the place.

We fetch our water for washing and bathing beside the knoll where a spring flows. While the location of the water source is geologically right under the domicile area of the residents, the water inspector expressed the fat chance of waste being eventually flushed to the exchange pool of our water.

The water inspector gave a serve of manna in the form of five bottles of sodium hypochlorite, a chemical solution usually used as a water disinfectant and bleaching agent. It has label and the inspector explained the dosage and procedure in mixing it to our water.

Chemical symbol. Screen shot from

Sodium hypochlorite is used by industries primarily to disinfect water from various bacteria, but opposite to what we mostly believe, the water inspector said that it is not the same to raw chlorine that we ordinarily buy in the store to bleach clothes. It has to undergo a process called dilution for right and safe use.

Aside from health reasons, some would go bananas if they learn that I did this chance to research for something crazy at the back of my mind. And skin bleaching rings a bell to me. Cheers!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nipped In The Bud

Semester break will be around in a few days but it has definitely been a busy week and I expect a restless period all through the next week.

I am for psyching up myself for the upcoming local elections. I am designated as a poll clerk, to which I am aware is one of the most busy members of the board. I am still learning the ropes and hoping it would all go fine.

I am also into heaps of paper works like the MPS analysis of our recently concluded second quarter examinations. Trust my disposition when it comes to numbers.

At the same time I am consolidating the results of Early Grades Reading Assessment which was required to be conducted out of the bolt, so I panicked looking for forms.

I also have a topic for discussion in our in service training. Specifically, I will be delving into the areas of decoding skills as an important foundation of reading.

I really thought this semester break would be a welcome relief from all the pressure of living, but as a flower not to bloom, I am nipped in the bud. Sigh.

This picture is not mine. Photo credits:

Monday, October 21, 2013

What Do You Know About Election Ban?

Since the Barangay Election is just around, I wanted to feature something related. Whenever "election ban" slithers into discussion, I observed that there is always a point of being oblivious in it, so I decided to take some shed of light in this regard.

Election ban is simply a range of prohibitions given by the government in order to ensure an orderly election period. The election period has started last September 28 and will end on November 12 after the polls. 

I am taking credits from for this creative infographic below consist of icons of specific election related bans taking place within the period:

1. Issuance of appointments, promotions, creation of new positions and approval of salary increases in government offices and agencies.

2. Alteration of a territory of a precinct or establishment of a new precinct.

3. Release of prisoners

4. Raising of funds through lotteries, dances and cockfights

5. Carrying, bearing or transporting of deadly weapons including wearing of uniforms, insignias, etc. unless authorized by the commission

6. Organizing or maintaining reaction forces, strike forces or similar forces

7. Transfer or movement of officers and employees in the civil service, including public school teachers

8. Suspension of any elective provincial, city, municipal, barangay officer

9. Use of security personnel whether such bodyguards are members of officers of government law enforcement agency

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Runny Nose

You came after the cold rain
I never hoped you will remain
But you got me under the nose
We've never been that close.

You blow all my friends away
And peeping rodents in the hay
I shut quick and bang the door
Than sputter something sore.

And you always make me cry
For reason I can only wonder why
I put on my shades with a sigh
Then gaze not at the bright sky.

I want to feel well and break free
I detest the days of your infamy
Why, why won't you run away?
Oh, runny nose, please run away!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ako'y Isang Mabuting Pilipino

Music is an effective tool because it is persuasive and inviting. The song entitled AKO'Y ISANG MABUTING PILIPINO composed by Noel Cabangon in 2006 is exactly like that - persuasive and inviting.

The rhythm of the song is very lively and it strikes a sense of nationalism that one would want to sing it from his heart and soul, a break from the usual highly emotional and sentimental songs tackling about love of country.

Moreover, the inspiring message of the song is very timely as it reminds not only the children but also the adults of our inherent responsibilities in the community when we seem to usually forget them either by taking them for granted or putting them into oblivion.

This musical piece can also be an effective springboard for value integration among our young ones. The song is actually a pledge on the many ways that we, including the adults, could be good citizens of our country - from simply throwing our garbage in the proper place to exercising our right to vote with conscience.

And just a final note that I really admire the singer and composer behind this song as he did not rest on his laurels. Noel Cabangon under Lampara Books lately launched a literary piece entitled the same to further spread its message. By using the lyrics of the song as the words of the story, he transformed it into a colorful picture book.

Just me thinking it's almost perfection if we could be a country of most responsible people in the world, but I believe in the power of thinking as the first step to realizing.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Stay Strong, Bohol and Cebu

After the Zamboanga City siege, another tragedy struck our country after a 7.2 earthquake devastated Bohol and some parts of Cebu, putting both tourism provinces in a state of calamity.

Photo Credit:

Aside from the rising death toll, another thing that really saddened me is the destruction of several world famous historical churches, mostly in Bohol. I have never personally seen any of them  but I have been in deep interest about these cultural heritages that are living grand stands to our colorful past.

But since these living grand stands of our past have crumbled into pieces on the ground, will they also be just dead remnants now? I really hope that these once revered national treasures will be restored back to their old glories. We surely can't afford to lose them forever just that way.

Pray for the people of Bohol and Cebu. Naghinaot mi sa inyong usab nga pagbarog tunga sa mga pagtilaw sa kinabuhi. Ang Ginoo magatabang kaninyo.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Novelty Effect

It is on these times when I would genuinely find a moment of complete peace midst business of living - when the pupils are all busy writing - and I segue my "golden voice" out of the bolt like a real concert royalty in front of my class who is my legion of fans.

Me: Got her head on the cloud...
Pupils: Cloud...  
Me: And she's not breaking down.... 
Pupils: Down... 
All of us: This girl is on fire...

Then, they would all give me a round of applause and giggly burst in cheers, which I suspect as a novelty effect of the fact that I am their teacher, not necessarily an expression of their awesome admiration of my vocal abilities in reality.

Friget! Friget! Friget!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tomorrow In 30 Words

That wishful thinking you wish some holiday tomorrow because you need cutting some slack for yourself, but you must get back to the grinds to earn some dough. Deep breath.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Caloy and Me

SI CALOY by rock band Haganas is making its way to the of chart of local hits. And I am just loving every bit of it.

I like the lively mood of the song. It is definitely a throwback to the local music two decades ago and a welcome revert from the dramatic rock alternative songs that recently dominated the music world.

The energetic music, especially before the chorus, is very inviting. It is reminiscent of a style of popular music with a strongly accented beat. If it could be translated into actions, it would definitely be like filled with movements and activities.

I also like the ambitious character of the person in the song. I mean, it is all we ever need - be dreamy and asserive. Caloy, the protagonist in the song, represents a simple person but with bold character and big dreams.

The name Caloy is a strategic title because it is a common pet name and just easy to remember. It is very fitting to the "street music" that is common to the country and very marketable to the young generation.

And if the song continues its momentum, the dreams of the real Caloy boys behind this song will never be far fetched into becoming a reality.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Flowers of Tomorrow and Seeds of Today

I think that no matter how old or infirm I may become, I will always plant a large garden in the spring. Who can resist the feelings of hope and joy that one gets from participating in the rebirth of the nature? - Edward Giobbi

I took the opportunity to reinvent our flower garden with my mom because it is holiday today in here. It is really therapeutic and everything of the nature is truly marvelous. I did many shots but here are just some of the ones that passed my eye. Take a look into our newly made over garden.

This is one of the two groups of our collection of these awesome plants that many flower growers describe as poisonous. But aren't they just wonderful?

These are "peacock plants" named probably after the famous showy bird because the leaves of these plants resemble like its showy tail.

Rare agloenema, especially those colored pink and red, are very expensive, that is why we only have few and most of them are just ordinary.

We also have a growing collection of bromeliads. They are easy to grow and need less tending. People used to stop collecting these plants because they collect water where mosquitoes breed.

These are fortune plants in different colors and sizes. We still have a few of the rarest to collect though. Some light colored need more exposure to sunlight while other dark colored just suit better under shady space.

I have over a hundred of these prickly plants, including succulents and spikes. A terrarium for these dessert plants is a project in the making.

This is called Cherry Red. It is the new addition to our philodendron collection among Moonlight, Sunrise, Melodina, Black Cardinal and Red Congo.

Our neighbor call these cute leafy plants "calipayan". They are not popular among gardeners but they are just as interesting to collect because they come in many varieties.

I have about fifteen varieties of these are dwarfer version of bromeliads and they look just as awesome. When a bulb of flowers appear right in its middle, it becomes mature and shoots begin to take over the mother plant.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Melting Delight

I remember the post I wrote last year in this link entitled FROZEN DELIGHT after the city charter anniversary of my hometown Koronadal wasn't declared as a local holiday. Shallow as I may sound, it would have been a very welcome relief from the business of living. I mean we all want holiday. As a matter of fact, we all need it, don't we?

Photo credit: Allan Barredo.
But now frozen no more for it's a sure break this coming eighth as a memo from the national office has been signed and circulated, declaring the approaching city charter anniversary as a local holiday.

If a genie would come out the bottle this very moment and ask my three wishes for the "birthday" of our beloved hometown, these would be logically, of course, just three wishes.

First, it is my fervent hope that the economic growth of this regional crossroad of commerce, politics and education would continue to surge and expand. More large companies to establish around the city and more opportunities for our small scaled enterprisers to shine in the business.

Second, I wish that the local government would boost the tourism sector of the city. There is no need for huge investments for this. Just keep the city clean and green, most especially in the downtown area. I think of tree lined avenues, clear brimming rivers, and zero waste streets.

And third, I pray for a peaceful city amidst war threats in this part of the country. No to war to find peace. All we need is to respect one another and live in harmony, that is by embracing cultural differences and breaking political frontiers.
While these wishes sound just too good to be real, we know that wonders are everywhere. This does not mean that we can only leave everything to the heavens, but most important of all we must also exemplify these aspirations into actions.

Advance Happy 13th Charter Anniversary! Kanami City of Koronadal! And I wish you all the best!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

GURO: The Real Mold

Do you know that the very Filipino word GURO is not originally Tagalog at all? As a matter of fact, it came a long, long way - geographically and historically. Thus, to describe the origin of this term is a long path to traverse.

The common term guro is used in Filipino as a noun to mean a teacher, who celebrate their special month this moment. For example, a punong guro of a school is a head teacher.

This may have origin form the word "guru" that means a teacher, master or mentor in Sanskrit and other borrowing languages like Tamil, Hindi, Bengali and Nepali. 

Greza (2004) elaborates that the word has roots in the term gri that denotes action of invoking or to praising, and may have a relation to the word gur, that refers to the act of  raising up or lifting up.

The Indian and Filipino connection is not surprising though. The Indians traded with the Filipinos through some indirect proximal empires and consequently influenced the local culture. Its influence to the Filipino language found its way to terms in folk heroes, social strata, religious faith, moral operations, and even traditional attire.

I found this fitting explanation of our term GURO from a collection of philosophical text of Hindu religion:

The syllable gu means shadows
The syllable ru, he who disperses them.
Because of the power to disperse darkness
The guru is thus named.

So, I am saying that we must live to the very mold of the word we are called and may we continue to be instrument of enlightenment to the lives of the young ones. Guro, we are.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Heal, Ciudad de Zamboanga

As a language enthusiast, I have high fascination about Zamboanga City, which is still in the remnants of war today. It is home to Chabacano - the only Spanish creole language of its kind in Asia that had developed and survived for over four hundred years of trades and conquests, migrations and policies.

A creole language, like Chabacano, is a conglomeration of different languages that have evolved into a native tongue of a new generation of speaker. On the case of Chabacano, it is 75% Spanish morphology with grammar and structure from local languages. Linguists continue to be mystified and baffled with the presence of Portuguese, Italian and Mexican lexical terms in this creole language.

In the past decade, language purists of Zamboanga were worried with the continuing borrowing of their language from Cebuano and Tagalog, leaning away from its Spanish superstrate. However, linguists defend and consider this phenomenon as rather dynamism which is natural to all languages. 

Recent incorporations of modern Spanish words are mainly attributed to the Spanish standardization efforts of media, establishment of Spanish call centers in the region, and the reintroduction of Spanish subject in selected schools.

There are over two million Spanish speakers in the country, large bulk of which comes form the Latin City of Asia - a sobriquet given to Zamboanga City due to the fact that it is the only Spanish speaking city in the continent. 

Among the six Chabacano dialects in the country, it is in Zamboanga City that has remained alive and kicking, so it is my opinion that this unique language should be preserved, and there is no other best way than to take care its speakers and the environment where they speak it.