Friday, June 28, 2013

Stupid Limericks and Foolish Thoughts

Just to shoot breeze of how this week has been...

As part of the tree growing fest tomorrow, we planted some of the trees in the difficult locations of the school today. We enjoyed a couple take of pictures until this fellow teacher posed on a dead bark of a tree in the knoll, and presto!

The pupils essayed a laughter
As their gravitationally challenged teacher
Fell like a burden into the slope,
So, next time I can only hope
One should never dive without water.

On the other side of things, it has always brought brief cardiac arrest everytime I hear accident in my class. Last day, it was noon break when someone reported that one of my pupils was physically hurt. Call it negligence, but no matter how much I set rules, children always break.

Mary had a playmate she didn't heed
That caused the toy to fly out of deed
And Mary's nose dripped with redness
A condition called epistaxis
But in simple word is nosebleed.

Life is a constant change, and such truth of life is one of the important lessons I learned this week. As a part of career movement, there will be a reshuffling of administrators in our division and our own school head is set to roll like a stone to another school.

A strong man set eyes to new spheres
And make inspiration on yesteryears
People behind must be emotional,
But one should be at least critical
And remember not all fluids are tears.

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