Monday, June 24, 2013

Saved From San Juan Day

When we commuted back home this afternoon, a group of giggling youth was jamming in a circle beside the road and basking in a water wasting festivity. 

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Actually, it's "Araw ng San Juan" or "San Juan Day", a day that we would always remember not because it is a saving day when we take a break, but because it is a calamitous day when we expect a greater probability of getting wet, excluding the chance of a rainy weather.

The "festivity" if you want to call it that way, is being celebrated every June 24 in honor of the birth of Saint John, who was said to baptize Jesus Christ in the river. The feast is notably being held annually in San Juan City in Metro Manila, and all over the country.

Filipinos usually go out the streets early in the morning and form a crowd in a merry way. Aside from bringing pails and buckets, people also use water guns and hoses to squirt water to their fellows and even unsuspecting comers passing by the street.

The crazy group of youngsters this afternoon were teasing as we passed by, but we thankfully speeded up just before the bucket of water flew in the air to drench us.

Whew! Got wet today?

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