Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Boarding House of Ate Lily

I miss this place like hell. 

What brings me into this introspection is that I'm here since last night in my flat - a place that I have learned to call my second home since my college days in MSU GenSan.

Everything just seem so nostalgic... the distinct smell of atmosphere, the chlorinated taste of water, and the familiar faces of neighbors, the fading silence of the night... I miss the combination of  rural and urban lifestyle I had here.

All my things are still intact; thanks to my kind landlady who cleans my stuffs in the room at least twice a month. I virtually have everything in it - from bedsheets to shoes and from undies to toiletries. It's really a place I love to call a home.

And though I am the only man in our batch of boarders who kept coming back recently and all the rest of the new occupants now seem strangers, this place remains a living grand stand of beautiful memories of companionship amidst nostalgia and achievement over struggles.

These things hold me back from totally leaving this place behind. It will always surely be a sweet piece that completes the puzzle of my life.

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