Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kanami Koronadal! Bangon Santa Fe!

Kanami Koronadal! Kanami Guid!
That tagline has become a distinct and popular brand used by the people of my hometown Koronadal mostly in public speeches. The speaker says: Kanami Koronadal, which means wonderful Koronadal. And the audience would reply: Kanami guid, which affirms the same.

Things have changed for the better though after the super typhoon Yolanda. In the recent workshop about the new ancillary program of our city division called Flexible Learning Options, one of the speakers greeted: Kanami Koronadal, and to that we answered in chorus: Kanami guid! 

The speaker, however, taught us the so called new battle cry of our city: Kanami Koronadal! Bangon Santa Fe! At first, many including your blogger wondered what or where Santa Fe is. The speaker explained that our humble city adopted this small municipality of Santa Fe in the province of Leyte after that disastrous super typhoon Yolanda.

The good work is not unknown to many of us that our city mayor Hon. Peter B. Miguel and his team were one of those people who went to Leyte to extend their help to the devastated people there by doing a medical mission and turning over the relief goods gathered from the people of Koronadal.

So, the next time someone greets, you know what to say. From the bottom of every heart of the people of Koronadal, we hope and pray for your immediate recovery, people of Santa Fe. Things might have been so outrageous for you, but nothing is difficult when we join hands and hearts in these most desolate times. 

Kanami Kornadal! Bangon Santa Fe! 

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