Saturday, November 30, 2013

Constant As Northern Star

Who was that who said nothing is constant?

This month is something that I can tell about bummer when it comes to my side career here in this blog. While I wanted to post as much awesome reports of my recent whereabouts, things seemed outrageous for me. 

There are instances in life that are too annoying that writing a memory of such will only make myself more annoyed that I would prefer to keep them to me. What is more important to me now is that I am kicking once again.

I am still not discouraged. As a matter of fact, I am back with a renewed passion for my creative pursuits. Priorities change but nothing can put down best laid ones. People move but I am definitely here to stay for good - constant as the northern star.

Nothing is constant? Well, think again.

This shot is not mine. Credits to

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Weekend Bummer

I was in seventh heaven. I was supposed to write this post last weekend after a fruitful day until the epic suddenly failed and my nirvana went down the drain...

Last Saturaday, I set out for a dental appointment in GenSan. I went with my former land lady, who I haven't seen for a while. I promised her for a dental cleaning as I also had my dental makeover for the attrition in my two front teeth.

I also had a good chat with Dr. Rosalie Abanto who is very open and kind. Our conversations unexpectedly went from health and business to career and family. Maybe what made our instant friendship is the fact that we are both MSUans and she is even prouder of it.

Photo credit to
After over an hour at the clinic, I and my land lady decided to stroll around the new Veranza Mall, which is an annex of fashionable restaurants and boutiques. I love the wide brimming waterfalls and the bay ambiance effect one would experience while having an outdoor stroll on its sidewalk.

We entered Moon Cafe and ordered Pizza Jalapeno Diablo for merienda. Aside from the chorizo, tomatillo and quezo, one of its distinct toppings is a kind of pepper which is called jalapeno. I think that the more slices of green eggplants was just a substitute to the few jalapeno pepper in order to give the local diners just a smidgen of spice.

I spotted this at

I was telling my land lady that the peg of the place is something Mexican because of the colorful ruffled outfits of the waiters until I noticed their sign that simply said Moon Cafe: Mexican Inspired Restaurant. I took a second scan of their menu and found more Mexican sounding food.

And of course, a GenSan visit would not be complete without a plant shop. We dropped by the city garden and strolled there for a little while. After having second thoughts on price, we finally went back the stall and I bought two new beautiful spiky plants as a new addition to my cactus collection.

I got this image from
  I went home a little late. As the bus was heading the terminal, we were entertained by the spectacle of fireworks exploding in bright colors amidst the black darkness.

I felt it all made my day perfect, so I went home with much eagerness to write about my adventure for that day in my blog as an proud kid would ecstatically narrate to his mother. But my excitement suddenly all fell flat...

I looked at my broadband modem with a sigh and consoled myself. Christmas is coming and I think our internet connection is on Christmas mode as its signal lights keep on fluctuating exactly like those flickering Christmas lights outside.

Friday, November 22, 2013

That Small Can Over The Counter

I did an early grocery shop this afternoon to avoid the holiday rush and budget constraint in the month to come. While I thought of these things for my family at home, I pondered for those of the unprivileged children when I saw this small can over the counter...

Photo credit:

It is the "Barya Mo, Buhay Ko" Coin Bank of the Bantay Bata 163, a charity program of the ABSCBN Foundation that does not only rescue abused children and support indisposed children, but also provide home and therapy for them. 

Aside from its noble cause of advocating the rights, welfare and protection of children, Bantay Bata has been visibly conducting medical support for those diseased children and legal assistance for those abused children for many years now.

Sometimes we feel hopeless in life, but other times we just have to look at these unprivileged children in the orphanages and streets, so that we would realize that we are still very lucky after all.

There is that small can over the counter. In small ways, we can show our brotherly love by dropping something for these abused and diseased children.I just did again. 

And how can we help more? For information, visit their website in this link here.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


In the bright wake of a daybreak
There is no hope for the loveless
For what is meant to be a remake
When the heart knows its mistake?

In the whimsical stanza of a verse
There is no sense for the loveless
For what is meant to be a reverse
When the heart is under a curse?

In the meaningful words of a friend
There is no lesson for the loveless
For what is meant to be a mend
When the heart can just pretend?

In the sweet melody of a music
There is no rhythm for the loveless
For what is meant to be romantic
When the heart hums monotonic?

In the glorious sunset by the bay
Only there is peace for the loveless
For at the conclusion of passing day 
Stops torment of the heart so lonely.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Lips of Napoles and Eye of Yolanda

NAPOLES and YOLANDA are two names that will forever be etched in the catacomb of our minds , if not in the pages of history books of this nation.

The official mugshot. Photo credit:
Janeth Lim Napoles, a businesswoman, became a national sensation after being pointed out as the mastermind of the alleged pork barrel brouhaha involving five other senators in a financial fiasco.

She faced the senate yesterday where she was stewed in juice of queries, cajoled to divulge the truth, and interrogated to drop bomb by naming the people believed to be behind the pork barrel scandal. 

But all the efforts of the senate fell flat as the matron played her game with all her nicely put denials against accusations, well crafted tendencies to forget details and invoking her right against self incrimination again. After all, it was her show.

It is a good move that we are slowly tracking this bandwagon of people with negative motives over the common good, so that this malpractice can be nipped in the bud before it becomes an unspoken norm in the world of politics.

But in the end, we only got more delusion than justice. I agree with the sentiments of the common people. A person like Napoles betraying her country by lying under oath and insulting its people in the process deserves to be thrown behind the bars forever. That would be fair for a gross transgression of justice to our nation.

And as frustrating as that senate proceeding, we are also disheartened by the super typhoon locally named as Yolanda whipping and devastating the provinces in central part of our country at the moment.

According to, a super typhoon is a classification given to a very strong storm that can be paralleled to five hurricanes by severity. It means that its wind can reach up to sixty five miles per hour.

I am personally desolated to witness the destruction made by Yolanda, washing away not only trees and homes but also lives of many innocent people. My heart goes out for all the victims of typhoon and my fervent prayer is for them to recover very soon.

There's a rainbow always after the storm. Photo credit:

But sadder even is amidst this test of resiliency where our government units and good samaritans extend their hands to our depressed countrymen, there have been reports of lawlessness with people taking advantage by pillaging commercial establishments.

This case of Yolanda brings the bright and dark of the affected people as much as that case of Napoles shows the good and bad of this sad, sad country.