Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer Is Over And So Are We

Things change like leaves of tree
Young swallows learn to be free
Left summer skin I shed off me
Summer is over, and so are we.

Daylight hours seem don't agree
Wind whispers the cold decree
Warmer feelings I used to be
Summer is over, and so are we.

Lost is nature's outside spree
Fading is chant of the laboring bee
In my room a sea of ceiling I see
Summer is over, and so are we.


  1. hi, mike...what brings the feeling?..cheer up, my dear...summer may be over but the cycle will you...

    i enjoy reading your blogs..thanks for sharing your thoughts..

    1. Hello, my anonymous friend. The gloomy day perhaps. And the persons and things this summer. Thanks for dropping by.


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