Friday, August 31, 2012

Three Disjointed Poems

Nipped Bud
Teeny, weeny beauty,
Would you still see
The world exactly?
Buzzing bees must be busy

Come fair fortnight day
That, if no one had to cut thee!
Sorry, weeny beauty; just in the mood for poem! Ha!


I'm making my way,
Shallow and noisy;
I'm passing by,
Silent and high.
Oh, ocean so blue, wide
On your wave crest I ride!
But should I fall ten feet under,

My hopes and dreams let me gather.


Tireless Thought
Mobile and full of hale
Like an autumn gale
Among leaves you flirt
And blow girl's skirt!
With a pen on my hand
And a tarnished note
Alas, I pin you down,
Tireless thought!

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