Thursday, May 17, 2018

Living Like A Shadow: An Inward Journey

I have been experimenting myself how to travel differently. This May break, instead of heading outside my comforts, I wanted to have more of an inward journey. At the last minute right after I aced all my school requirements, I decided to go back home in Mindanao, but this time I wanted a more low key vacation. It was not I was hiding for someone or something; I just wanted to take rest from all "mandatory calls" of friendships and works.

I got my shades on like I am rocking Barbados all night!

Some insightful thoughts at this point:

  • It is not always about my journey. The world cannot care less about my own joy, success, worries or frustrations, so I just watch it go on its own course.
  • Some best moments are best shared with closest people. Having "unannounced" vacation gave myself a slack to spend more meaningful conversations and moments with my intimate circle.
  • While I was assuredly feeling that I am home, I felt more than happy to be just a shadow amidst the busy crowd and the pulse of this city. I window shopped any where I wanted or sipped coffee alone in a corner.