Monday, May 19, 2014

A Side Trip to Strawberry Fields in La Trinidad

A grand vacation in Baguio City would not be perfect without a side trip to the famous Strawberry Fields in the nearby La Trinidad City, Benguet Province.

Strawberry Fields, La Trinidad, Benguet Province.

And just a side note. We all know most of us fondly link Baguio City to strawberries, but the fact is that strawberry fields are not geographically part of it. Strawberry fields, like the one we side tripped, is located in another city just near. 

This popular attraction is actually part of La Trinidad, the capital city of Benguet Province. It is just a hop from the summer capital, which might be the reason why people seem oblivious. I am a little strict about this when geographically speaking because I grew up having penchant for maps.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Baguio, Here We Go!

Baguio City is definitely the right place to chill after a year of pressures, yes a year of pressures! 

We set foot in this well known Summer Capital of the Philippines on the cold dawn of our second day of summer trip to the north. The wind was really chilling down my spine and I was caught unprepared because I was not able to haul out my thick jacket after a few travel breakdowns on the way. 

We barely had five hours to take a rest, but lazy bones and sleepy heads did not surely decrease our excitement level for the day.

Never be without the pine trees.

Just chilling at the legenday Burnham Park.

Riding on a white horse at Mines View Park.

Drop by SM City Baguio.

The official residence of The President when in Baguio.

Wright Park, right?

Fooling around Philippine Military Academy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Travel of Twists and Turns

I welcomed summer with a bang this year by packing my bags for a long trip to the north with my friends. Contrary to the smooth journey I imagined while planning our travel itinerary, our first destination turned out to be a ten hour long road trip of strangers filled with twists and turns in the middle of dark road.

Waiting at the airport baggage lounge.

We arrived in Manila by eleven in the morning after an almost two hour flight. We took aboard to a bus and then to the popular street transport called padyak, a bike with sidecar, going to the bus terminal.

We never expected that riding to a padyak, with our big and heavy bags on top load, we would be charting the narrow streets of this urban jungle and then crossing a few highways among swift cars. The sun was scorching and the polluted air was open. Nonetheless, we were amused and just laughed it out.

When we finally reached the bus terminal in Pasay City with beads of sweat on our foreheads, we were shocked by the long queue of passengers for bus ticket. We were calculating an arrival to destination by dinner time, so it was quiet frustrating to read the sign board that the next trip will be by five late noon.

The good thing was a samaritan tipped us to wait by the area called chance passenger. Not all out bound buses are filled with passengers by the time it departs and through being chance passengers, it meant we just filled the few vacant seats of those out bound buses. So, we knew the strategy.

We wish a happy road trip.

The travel going out the metropolitan was smooth. I saw some of the household names of places I only heard in the idiot box, notably towns of Bulacan and Pampanga. The roads side by side the barren fields were wide and there was no sign of traffic jam along.

It was getting dark as we stopped by Tarlac City for a quick snacks, muscle stretch and nature relief. After fifteen minutes or so, we were all seated inside the bus when the conductor announced that we needed to transfer to another bus because of mechanical troubles. 

The delay caused some angst among passengers as we had to haul out our baggages and wait again for the next bus, but we were thankful enough that the difficulty was discovered early and danger was avoided.

It was dark when we arrived in Pangasinan Province and I was a bit excited because I knew it was the hopping point to our final destination and it would take just over an hour. But my excitement was popped like a bubble after we wasted another long hour on the way because of the jampacked traffic caused by road repair. Alright, time to view that funny movie on board or take a nap.

Now showing on board.

There was drizzle as we stopped over the last town before our final destination to feed our hungry stomach and freshen up our faces. On the windy road later, we could already view a dotting spots of light beyond the cliff like a constellation of stars in the dark sky. As we stepped out on the unholy hours of about one in the dusky dawn, we were greeted by the chilly wind and we knew we were in the City of Baguio at last. 

It was a long drive filled with surprising breakdowns and unexpected delays, but it was definitely one of my most unforgettable road trips I had. After all, as the old wisdom says: Focus on the journey, not on the destination.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Say Hello to May

Makes me wanna whistle a merry tune of the famous line of a song: All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go. 

This image is not mine. Credits to

I just want to drop a line before I will take a hiatus from this blog. No, I am not leaving on a jet plane, but on an airplane. I will be out for over a week of adventure. I am definitely excited as this is my maiden voyage to a farther destination.

This is really a dream in the making since last year and this is like nothing can stop now. Not even the pending clearance papers I will be leaving. After all, I was not born to live in the world of stress. I badly need this break.

Right now, I am giddy and everything is ready. Wardrobes have been rehearsed and cameras are fully charged. I expect a fun filled week with pretty places to see and hopefully new faces to meet.

So, do not be surprised if this space will look like a travelogue after I return. Winks and kisses.