Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ang Balay ni Mayang

Contemporary Bisaya songs are among the few songs that does not only capture the bare scenes of our country life, but also connect to the heart of anyone amidst this music industry that is turning into a gritty business.

ANG BALAY NI MAYANG, by Marianne Dungog and Kyle Wong, is a very simple song, with a genuine meaning; this strummed its way to my head. It offers simplicity but gives depth with poetry, rhythm, harmony, and melody.

Kyle and Marianne: The hearts behind the song.

It is one of the most romantic songs I heard these days about missing somebody. "Anhia ko diri sa balay... Kay gimingaw na ko nimo gamay..." from the first stanza strummed on guitar conveys that feeling humans all yearn - the bitter but sweet feeling of missing that someone who completes our hearts.

The song also utilizes figurative language probably derived from novelty lines so popular nowadays. "Amigason mura ug kamay... Mura ta ug dugo nga dili mamatay..." which roughly means "We will be slinked by ants like sugar... Like blood, our love will never die..." I find it just so sweet.

It sounds very folk with a laid back tandem of voice that makes one believe every word that the couple in the song says. I am sure that the fact that the couple singers behind the song are actually lovers in real life helped in making the song more sincere. 

I just hope we will hear more songs of quality like this - not hardly trying but simply genuine.