Friday, February 28, 2014

Holiday Bonding at Gerry's Grill

When was the last time we hang out and never did anything but just hang out? It's been ages for sure since we graduated from our gritty college days until this recent holiday.

One, two, three.

I chilled out with Janice and Madina at Gerry's Grill at Veranza Mall. I saw them the last time at the culmination party in a subject we later took together at the graduate school. But those were only nodding meetings since we were also busy as beavers in our respective careers at the same time.

Janice is still the same shy type person I knew in college. I best remember her for portraying the role of Sisa, the lost woman in our stage play, and for topping our graduation class, not to mention her photographic memory that could memorize an entire book of jargons in just overnight. 

She was my constant victim over intended unreasonable principles eversince. She was out to the gym to support her sister the time we were supposed to meet, and I allegedly accussed her for having no word of honor and threatened that she pay all our bill. Laughs.

I can also recall her funny heart break days before, but she has now a steady partner, which puts my own love life to shame for being zero in that department. Laughs.

Toasted ice crem, anyone?

Madina, on the other hand, never runs out of her witty banters, which I love the most of her. She is the person you can never tell about "dull moments" because this girl is just bright and natural. She is one of those I can accept criticisims, both constructive and desctructive.

She is a teacher now who seriously interrupts her pupil in a timed silent reading because she has to scroll a phone text for a lunch date with friends and then tells back that pupil to resume because the message has been sent. Laughs.

I guess she knows it well that it takes a bitch to be a bitch because she always tells me that I was the one who trained her how to be. Sue me, singing I'm only human born to make mistake. Must you be the mistake, my friend? Laughs.

The serene falls brimming in a distance.

I really enjoyed the time. It is always nice to have friends to laugh and say: Hey, this is really a mess, but thank you for the grand day.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

4th Regional Research Congress

I was fortunate enough to be hand picked as representative of our division to the 4th Regional Research Congress which was simultaneously celebrated with the SBM Congress and Communication Festival at The Farm, Carpenter Hills, Koronadal City last February 10.

As I have said, I was happy to be part of the congress because it is really an avenue to express my passion for research. But what came as a more pleasant surprise was the 3rd place finish that I can't just help but beam with pride and humility.

I did not expect much - that is an honest confession because there were other stellar presentations. My research was a simple classroom based assessment on relationship between attitudes toward mother tongue and academic performance of my pupils. 

As panelist Lynou Zacal, Dean of College of Education, Notre Dame of Marbel University, commented: It is a timely research midst debates on whether mother tongue should be a part of the curriculum.