Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Dark Secret

I have another dark secret to reveal: I never really liked wearing jewelries especially gemstones until that trip abroad.

 Cambodia is a shopping mecca of authentic gemstones, not to mention that almost everything can be bought at cheap price. I wonder why my colleagues went back and forth to jewelry shops and buy gemstones. Until one time I decided to pay attention.

They look eternal. They seem magical. They have traveled all the way from the deep layers of the earth. They seem to hold clues to the gods. They are petrified, beautiful and enduring.

And that time, enchanted for the first time, I bought three black gemstones. I have always clung to a simple fashion rule of wearing black accessories and frills. Hence, my shoes are black, my wrist watches are black, my bags are black, my belts are black. And now, my gemstones are black.

As my classmate said, certain stones have properties and energies. Wearing gemstones as talisman in the ancient times for particular purposes has really basis, not just as faith.

According to this site, this precious black piece is a protective stone worn when facing adversaries in battles of conflicts of all kinds. It can help one be the master of his destiny and strengthen confidence. It provides support in difficult times and centers energy in times of mental or physical stress. It also offers the gift of wise decisions.

I have actually worn my necklace with onyx stone today again as I went to school. Whether the stone itself or some psychological placebo effect gives me protection, I just like the thought that I found the man's new best friend. Oh, by the way it's not diamond definitely; it's onyx.

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