Sunday, July 23, 2017

Lost in the Missing

"Is it possible to miss someone you do not know?" That is the question that has been haunting my soul. Because I have been missing someone so terribly lately.

Impressed with the discipline of philosophy here in UP like I have never been in my previous philosophy classes, I came with this question of reality of a human feeling. There are just feelings in this world that are antithesis to the normal feelings we know as humans. It is like an elephant learning to fly. Or like black as the new pink.

But what if, indeed, these feelings we know as normal is only a manifestation of our subjective human understanding and the real normal is the exact opposite of everything? What if missing someone you know is only a feeling influenced by what our culture of emotion is used to feel and the reality is that it is possible for us to miss another human we never know at all? I do not know. But who knows.

How does it feel to miss someone you do not know... is yearning, wanting, hoping, desiring... of a person you never know in your life personally, not even in a closer space or time. It happens when you are obsessed with the idea of the identity of that person... the look you never saw, the voice you never heard, the feelings you never felt. 

It is not perhaps the object of that person I miss but the essence of that person... the existence of that person whether that person exists in either kind of reality. But would it matter to argue the nuances between the object and essence of that person as the point of missing? That would be useless because I miss everything about that person....

This is the feeling I am feeling right now... lost in the missing.