Sunday, July 27, 2014

Exploring Up, Up North

Okay, back to the abbreviated travelogue I promised to spin before I took another unexplained hiatus from this blog.

Aside from travel account, I should be writing an obituary for my feet after a day of walkathon with my buddies. On our second day of summer vacation, we headed up north for an exquisite cultural and history trip this time.

Batac in Ilocos Norte is a lesser known spot for tourists. But after visiting this thriving city, I would say that it was worth the trip. 

We spent lunch at Jollibee. We walked across Marcos Museum which is just a stone's throw from the fast food chain. The museum is more likely of a gallery filled with framed clippings about the late dictator president Ferdinand E. Marcos.

We walked further to the Marcos estate which consisted of their ancestral house and the mausoleum of the late president. What was intriguing were the swollen veins, as if live, in the hands of the late president. Too bad picture taking inside the dark mausoleum was strictly prohibited.

From the ancestral estate, a view of the imposing facade of a century old church looms over. It is beautiful but I think it has been reconstructed many times that it is not as quaint looking as those other Spanish churches.

We then side tripped to Paoay, a fifteen minute ride by a tricycle. It was a beautiful small town. Located at its heart was the grandeur of the century old Paoay Church, enlisted as one of the few UNESCO world heritage sites.

From our nature trip in the summer capital, it was really a three hundred sixty degree turn going further north to Batac and Paoay in Ilocos Norte. If I have a regret, it was that we had no enough time to linger more.

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